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Welcome to the Matrix. Do you know where your meat body is?
Your looking for some Jazz on either the sprawl or some chummers. Maybe your Hack is for some wiz gear or you might need to make contact. This Datanode has no ic. You are free to scan the data, attempt to hire, or aquire gear. Just remember while you are in here, I am out there. Are you sure you know where your meat body is?

On these pages you will find information about Shadowrun Missions, and Shadowrun 3. So listen up chummers, The Ground rules are as follows: While on this site you are in the Shadow Seattle Matrix Each page is a datanode. All trademarks belong to all the Megacorps if you try to scam or burn the PayData the Star will find you. The vistors Datanode is where you can attempt to hire fire or aquire Check it out. Stay Frosty and never cut a deal with a dragon.
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Name: American Valor
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