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Welcome to the inaugural season of the AFSL!!!! To sign-up please see the "Sign-Up" link at the top of the page. Deadline for sign-ups will be Tuesday May 8,2001. The site main page will grow larger as soon as more teams join because there will be more news to report. Coming soon to the AFSL chatrooms,forums,and more!!!


WEEK 1 SCORES: Eastern Arsenal FC 5 - Classica 2,
Irish Vikings 2 - The Keepers 0,
Games not yet calculated are: Gameface vs. Sam's Arsenal and Fire-Galaxy vs. Bayern Munic. The Rynos will have the WEEK 1 BYE in the "B" Division

NOTE: I decided to cancel the GOTGC so these games are the start of the regular season.

We now have 8 teams and the season will begin. I only have a roster from 2 teams so unless you send one in, you will get random players! To ensure that you get the players you want, send in a roster. Rosters are due JUNE 20!

Well, I was gonna change the rules and use a new program that I wrote to play the game, but I decided that it would be better to stick to the original rules since my program is still in its developmental stage. So we will stick to the original rules! Also, a new team has signed up for the league. We will draft ASAP!