Main Gate
PFC Elam from Mo. The Guard house was a midnight requistion from D Med by the Company Executive Officer and others. Photo by Rudy Decker

Six Holer
The outhouse at the base. One had to be carefull or else you would get a black ring around the rear. Photo by Rudy Decker

Machine Gun Nest
An unmanned machine gun nest above the Trac on the right was used by Marines in 1950 during the Inchon landing in September. Rudy Decker photo.

Beach Head
The Ramp at Wolmi Do. Wolmi Do had most of the vegetation blown off it by the Navy and Marines. It was the intial landing point during the landing on Inchon. Photo by Rudy Decker

Low Tide
Inchon was known to have 20ft Tides. Here we are at low Tide. Photo by Rudy Decker