Volume No. Two                              Issue No. One                                        June 2002

This newsletter is dedicated in the Memory of Dave McColgan who passed away in March. Dave was my first crewchief in Vietnam. Dave and his wife Diane would have been married 32 years I think it was in May. Another good Marine will be guarding the streets of Heaven for us.

For those of you who served with Dave you can feel free to either call his wife Diane or send her a note. I know she would appreciate it. Contact twil@mvcc.com for it.   He has a son Dave who is a  SSGt in the Corps.

Now on a brighter note, Mike Graf got married in April.  Kelly and I traveled to Vesper, Wisconsin, for the reception. It was just great meeting up with Mike and his new wife Vicki. As always it was a pleasure to get to meet with Mike’s son again and to meet for the first time Mike’s daughter and sister.  Congratulations to Mike and Vicki. To Vicki welcome to our family of Marines.

John “Pig Pen” Levenduski called to say that he was called back to duty with the Utah National Guard for the Olympic games to work security. Not sure if he got to see any of the events or not.

There are about 3 reunions going on in the next month or so. The first one that I will tell you about is the one being put on by the Northeast USA Vietnam Veterans Reunion Association Inc. This is the 3rd annual event for them.

The reunion will take place on July 26, 27 and the 28th, in Freehold, New York.

It is my under-standing that this event was started by Terrance Smith and some other Amtracer's. If you are interested in attend-ing contact me and I will give you the information I have and a contact person.

The second reunion that I am aware of is the reunion at Quantico for Amgrunts. This reunion is taking place on July 25-26th.

Kelly and I will be attending this reunion and than be doing some touring in DC. If you would be interested in in-formation on this reunion you can contact me and I will be glad to give you all of the infor-mation.

Kelly and I have plans to attend the 2/4 reunion in Savannah, Georgia after the Amgrunt reunion. But because of concerns over the stress of that much travel in such a short time we may cancel that one.

For you really old timers that are members of the Platoon there is going to be a reunion in San Diego August 14-17th.

It is being hosted by the 2nd Amtrac Battalion of World War II.

It sounds like it should be a good one. Any of you that desire to attend may contact Bob Ormsby at 1533 West Country Club Lane in Escondido, CA 92026.  Sorry I don't have a phone number for Bob.

The June issue of Leatherneck had and article about Jim Lockhart getting his Silver Star. They were only a year late getting it published but they did get it in. It took awhile but summer may have arrived at last. We really had a cold spring. Now I guess maybe we will have a warm summer. Remember if you are traveling to be careful on the roads. A lot of idiots out and about and not paying attention to their driving. Also a lot of road con-struction going on this time of year.

My health is not improving right now. But I have less than 3 months to go on my medications and than I will be all done with treatments.

My Doctor is very hopeful that at the end of this program that the hepatitis C will be cured.

I can  not begin to stress how im-portant it is for those of you that have not yet been checked for Hepatitis C to please get checked.

The usual treatment is for a year and is one shot a week and seven pills a day.

Hep C comes in different genotypes. I was fortunate that the genotype that I have requires only 6 months of treatments.

Some of the side effects are not the best but if you have it and you start with treatments stick with it.

I have my good days and my bad days now. But I am currently on a leave of absence from work and I am doing better now that I don't have to go into work. My white blood cell counts have lowered and it takes your energy away from you. Where I work it is about 20 degrees hotter than the outside temperature so that did not help the energy levels.

Now I just take it a whole lot easier and try not to over do things to much. But I will be glad when the treatments are over and I return to work.

Our daughter, SaraJane, is growing almost as fast the grass is in our yard. She will be in the 6th grade next year. So the best part of being on sick leave is being able to spend some time with her while she is off school for summer break.

For those of you that have e-mail or computers you can view the newsletter on line at the Amtrac Platoon web site at http://oocities.com/amgrunt.

If you are not getting the e-mail updates that I send out I would suggest that you contact us with your new e-mail address as I probably do not have a current one for you. twil@mvcc.com
It does help on the cost of mailing out the newsletters.

Anyone that wants to donate to the cost of the web site and the mailing of the newsletters contact me at:

PO Box 212
Vermontville, MI 49096-0212

Sam Epperson has gotten in touch with us and is doing well. He is living in Okinawa and he does have e-mail. He is hoping to be able to join the Platoon for the reunion in Phoenix in 2004.
Sam retired as a Sgt Maj and his Dad who many of us met in Nam is living in Virginia and is doing well.

Sam’s Dad worked for RMK and got out of Nam just before the fall of Saigon.

Another Platoon member that has found his way to us is Doug Pharr. Doug was one of our radio techs. He lives in Texas and does have e-mail.

You can check out the information on both of these fine Marines or other members  by con-tacting me at 517-726-0236 or using the http://www.myphonebook.com contact me at twil@mvcc.com for details.

Semper Fi,

Tom and Kelly Williams

220 W Main
PO Box 212
Vermontville MI

The 2/4 Association has a new web address, Jim Mazy, Association President is also now the webmaster of the site:


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Written By ~ Thomas P. & Kelly Jo Williams
For the Amtrac Platoon

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