Modified LVT
1st Tracs modified this LVT to make it a recovery vehicle in New Zeeland in 1943. USMC Photo

3rd Amtracs
In the Northern Solomons the 3rd Marine Division made great use of 3rd Amtrac Battalion in the Swampy terrain. USMC Photo

Fiji Island Test
2nd Tracs detachment making test in the Fiji Islands to test their ability to cross reefs. USMC Photo.

Army Amtrac
LVT(2) one of 450 built for the Army. This was the only cargo vehicle with the (A) designation. Photo from Across the Reef

Roebling's Successor
The standard LVT(2) was the successor for the LVT(1) built by Mr Roebling and was the basic design of all LVT's in WW II except for the LVT(3). USMC Photo