Amtrac Platoon Combat Opertions

"March 1968 to November 1969"

The following is the official record of the various operations the Amtrac Platoon took part in. If you read carefully you will note that some operations we would go out on and then return at a later date to the same operation. I wish I had the records for the whole time the Platoon was in Vietnam but my records only account for the time that I spent with the Platoon.

Operation "Saline II"
Quang Tri Province, RVN
March 13, 1968 to April 30, 1968

Operation "Napoleon/Saline"
Quang Tri Povince, RVN
May 1, 1968 to August 13, 1968

Operation "Proud Hunter"
August 18, 1968 to August 21, 1968

Operation "Swift Pursuit"
August 28, 1968 to September 2, 1968

Operation "Lancaster II"
September 2, 1968 to September 16, 1968

Operation "Scotland Trousdale North"
September 16, 1968 to September 30, 1968

Operation "Lancaster II"
October 10, 1968 to October 16, 1968

Operation "Napoleon Saline"
October 17,1968 to October 19, 1968

Operation "Eager Hunter/Garrard Bay"
October 25, 1968 to November 16, 1968

Operation "Mead River"
November 20, 1968 to December 7, 1968

Operation "Valiant Hunt"
December 15, 1968 to January 5, 1969

Operation "Bold Mariner"
January 13, 1969 to January 24, 1969

Operation "Lynn River"
January 27, 1969 to February 7, 1969

Operation "Taylor Common"
February 7, 1969 to February 12, 1969

Operation "Eager Pursuit"
March 3, 1969 to March 8, 1969

Operation "Eager Pursuit II"
March 9, 1969 to March 26, 1969

Operation "Daring Rebel"
May 5, 1969 to May 20, 1969

Operation "Pipestone Canyon"
May 26, 1969 to June 6, 1969

Opeation "Bold Pursuit"
June 27, 1969 to July 6, 1969

Operation "Mighty Play"
July 9, 1969 to July 20, 1969

Operation "Pipestone Canyon Phase IV"
August 9, 1969 -

Operation "Defiante Stand"
September 7, 1969 -

As you can see we did not let any rice grow under our tracs as we were constantly on the move. Operation "Pipestone Canyon Phase IV" has no ending date listed on my records. I remember that "Defiant Stand" was in September of 1969 on Barrier Island. It is easy to see why we had a 100 percent replacement rate on our vehicles during my tour of duty in Vietnam.

I estimate that this Platoon made around 20 Amphibious landings. This is something we were told we would never see when we were going through Amtrac School.

Below is a list of other operations that Amtracs participated in from December of 1966 until December of 1967. This is not a complete list as Amtracers played major roles in probably every operation that Marines were on in Vietnam.

Operation "Stone "

Operation "Lafeyette Stand"

Operation "Praire VI Stand"

Operation "Hickory Stand"

Operation "Buffalo Stand"

Operation "Kingfisher Stand"

Operation "Cimmaron Stand"

Operation "Napoleon Stand"

Operation "Liberty I Stand"

Operation "Liberty II Stand"