“Listen! All that we lived before January, we knew that is very easy to die because of poisoning or starvation. And now, that we have taken arms, there is also this possibility. But there is another. To die by a bullet, while fighting our oppressors. In this case, we die with dignity”

                                                                                                            (Indian fighter)




            The European Union Summit, in Thessalonica. These days, the European sovereigns are celebrating, inside two “red zones”. One, 1.500 meters and the other 3.000 meters away from the hotel they are gathered. Both of them, 125 kilometers away, from the city that… hosts the Summit. More than 10.000 cops, port guards, firemen and soldiers will guard them. In order to celebrate. For the last time at a city of the country, that holds the presidency of E.U. From now on, the celebrations will take place at Brussels.

            Another Democracy celebration, where the European sovereigns – this time – are gathered to discuss and officially confirm the “new conditions of their collaboration”. And then, the new human – slaughters, the new lootings, the new phase of the crusade that they have all signed.

            Those, who participate to the spread of death all over the world, that in the name of “Development” destroy both planet and people, in the name of “Security” make “clearing operations” all over the world, creating hecatombs of victims behind them…

            They are the same, who they never stop, neither in “peace” nor “war” conditions, to materialize their inhuman plans. They consider that their palaces cannot be affected by rage or death and there, they will discuss about their “future”, about the “future of the world”. How they will continue the more and more inhuman exploitation over people, how they will organize new “anti” – terrorism operations, because their economy is “ill” and needs blood to be fed, the “insecurity” breeds “crisis and depression”…

            On the other side, are the others… Those millions of people who refused in action, from the first moment, the “end of history”, the end of revolts, uprisings and rebellions. Those who live everyday the “red zones” everywhere. At any symbol, every expression of state structure, in any institution, every mechanism of domination.

            Those who “are buried alive, inside prisons, penitentiaries, to the hovels of the workers quarters, inside the stone coffins of block of flats, at the numerous kindergartens and schools, inside the brand new kitchens and bedrooms, full with jazzy furnitures, purchased on credit…”

            Inside the metropolis, the shanty towns, the metro subways, wherever the canser of state has spreaded.

These people who follow one more erratical company of the sovereigns, where they hold a meeting. Those ,who do not try to fix allocate parts of Dominion. Those who organize protests, combine their voices with the millions of oppressed all over the world, clash with forces of order and death, make revolts like Genoa, revenge their murdered comrades and keep on FIGHTING…

The hands of European sovereigns, are also stained with blood. The blood of those who, in the name of Democracy, in the name of Security, in the name of “Anti” – terrorism, in the name of “Powerful Europe” and “powerful economy” are murdered in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine… everywhere. And keep on being imprisoned at the Guandanamos, at the “white cells”, keep on being murdered and die from hunger and poverty, away from the “lights of publicity”.













JUNE 15, 2003                                                                     ANARCHIST INTERVENTION