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The BIG news is that I NO LONGER WORK IN GIS - so contrary to what you see in the following pages, please DO NOT send me any questions regarding GIS(appreciation and flattery still welcome ;-) ).

IT'S TRUE - I DON'T WORK IN GIS. SO PLEASE DON'T ASK ME QUESTIONS ABOUT IT. So many people are *still* doing this despite my pleas. I'm thinking of setting up a hall of fame/shame for those who have trouble reading this!

However, on that same vein I still get a lot of people emailing me thanking me for 'saving their lives/jobs/hair/sanity' - which I don't mind at all, being a bloke after all with the ego that entails - and is there any way they can repay me. So, with that in mind - here's a Paypal tip jar. All donations are *very* gratefully received. First to donate a thousand pounds wins a goldfish!! (note: prize may not be honored)

So, if you feel something here was worth it, please feel free to make a donation. It's all safe and secure (so I'm told).

While I have your attention, I'd just like to thank all the friends I've made for their kind words and support mainly for the Shapefile checker and Theme Manager, but also the map server and assorted scripts as well. Your feedback has made it worthwhile and if I had had the sense to charge for it, either no-one would have used it or I'd be rich. Probably the former.

If you are of a technical/futzing/playabout nature, you might like to try setting ArcView up as a map server using free software and save yourself a bundle in the process. It is a fun thing to play about with and I like the idea that it is as flexible/open as you might hope for. It's FAR more configurable than the genuine AV Internet Map Server, but takes more technical know-how and equipment to set up and run. However, the possibilities are absolutely endless with what you can do with it - I know, I've seen a truly amazing site that uses this daily.

This page constructed by Andrew Williamson who really, really doesn't work in GIS any more and still isn't interested if you think his web page looks abysmal (downloaded quick though didn't it?). I don't care if you copy it until your eyes bleed - take it away!!! Feel free to link to it from your own site if you think it's useful.

With that in mind, I can see your cursor hovering over the email link - you still want to email me with a GIS question don't you? I can tell. Seriously, I don't want your shapefiles anymore and I have no idea how you convert the latest version of DXF into a 3D measured shapefile. Please, please, don't make me resort to using more shocking colours on this website. I've been forced into using red and yellow already to get this message across, and now I'm having to consider using flashing text as well... (whine, whine, whine...)

Ho hum.... if you've read this far, I'm amazed. The last surfer here just clicked on the links on the left....

What's that? You want to email me, but not to ask me to solve your GIS problem? OK!