... Andy & Antonio Scenes From OLTL

        ~*~Antonio Agrees to Do a Job for Carlo~*~

        Antonio has gone to see Carlo Hesser at RJ's club. Javiar, who is RJ's right hand man is there and like always he makes trouble. He pulls out a gun to shoot Antonio but Antonio gets the gun away from him and beats him up. He walks over to Carlo.

        Antonio: (Places the gun on the counter of the bar, where Carlo is sitting) "Next time, don't expect me to be your evening's entertainment. Now do you wanna tell me what the hell is going on?"

        Antonio, Carlo and Javiar are all standing up now.

        Antonio: "So...what favor do you want me to do?"

        Javiar: "Look, if you need any favors done, that's what I'm here for Mr. Hesser. I can take care of them alright?"

        Carlo: "Apparently not Mr. Perez. Having seen that Mr. Vega divested you in less than ten seconds. You've demonstrated all the qualities that I'll be needing. I have a task for your predigious powers of persuasion."

        Antonio: "Oh which powers are those?"

        Carlo: (Grins and turns in the other direction) "To do what has to be done."

        Antonio: (Walks closer to hm) "What do you want from me?"

        Carlo: (Looks at Antonio) "Antonio, lets get to the bottom line. I'm making you a offer. One I feel you should take."

        Carlo: "Don't tell me you're gonna disappoint me now."

        Antonio: "Sorry."

        Carlo: "I took you for a man of action."

        The phone rings.

        Carlo: (To Javiar) "Will you take that in the office please? If it's for me take a message, if it's for RJ uh...I don't know...he's out of town looking for his niece wherever it is."

        The phone continues to ring, Javiar just stands there. He finally goes into the office to get it.

        Carlo: "There's a certain gentleman who has something that belongs to me. And he needs to be persuaded to return it for his own best interests. I'm confident that this matter can be solved simpily without complications. And I also feel that you're the man to deal with it. Your charm and articulation would be so perfect. And of course there's the matter of the six hundred dollars I loaned you...to help your young brother with that unfortunate accident with his girlfriend's brothers car." (Antonio gives him the look that says, how the hell did you know about that?) "How did I know?" (Laughs) "Antonio, it's my business to know."

        Antonio and Carlo are now sitting at a table. Carlo is pouring a drink.

        Carlo: "This is an exquisite rum, unavailable in the states.." (Antonio just sits there and stares at him. Carlo lifts up his glass) "To our understanding. So the one friend would be doing a favor for another."

        Antonio: "I'm not your friend, I'm a guy that owes you six hundred dollars. Is that why you loaned it to me? So I can do favors for you?"

        Carlo: "Antonio, I enjoy life in my current position, with privilige. Because I see opportunity when others don't. I know you share the same vision. You're a very intelligent man Antonio Vega. With potential to go very far. And all you need to do is demonstrate your good will...in doing a small task for me." (Lifts his glass off the table) "Do we have a deal?"

        Antonio: "So what's this favor you want done?"

        Carlo: "As I tell you, there's a certain gentleman I occasionally do business with, who has a briefcase that belongs to me. He's reluctant to return it. I think he has to be persuaded for his own interests. Now...if you can find the kindness stored to take this task, I could find it appropriate friend to friend to forgive your bill."

        Antonio: "I told you once before, we are not friends. But on a strictly business basis, I would be willing to take care of this problem for you, as a payment on the six hundred dollar loan, plus an extra six hundred dollars in cash."

        Carlo laughs his evil laugh.

        Antonio: "Do we have a deal?"

        Carlo: "Oh...I like a man that doesn't underestimate his own worth." (He extends his hand) "We have a deal Mr. Vega."

        Transcribed by: Clarissa
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