The Reduced Shakespeare Company!

The Criterion Theatre - home of the RSC - the best thing to come out of America since...well...ever...

I am a great fan of the Reduced Shakespeare Company, ever since i first went to see them in january 2004 (saturday 24th, matinee performance, with my sister, to be exact) and thanks to living so near i have been able to go and see them 35 times so far, mostly with my sister - a LOT, i know, but i don't give a crap, plus, because i always buy my ticket on special offer. The amount i have paid to go is the equivalent of going to see it in the expensive seats less than half the amount of times i have actually gone - and i never spend more than i can afford to, same goes for my mum and sis. Sadly the guys have now left the Criterion theatre and are roaming the streets of the west end looking for somewhere to show off their talents. Here are some random bits and bobs to do with the RSC(more to be added soon!!)and links to other RSC related pages are listed at the bottom of the page:

<--Mikey O'Connor, John Schwab, and Kyle Dadd. both Mikey and Kyle have both left *sob*, Kyle for Canada (woo! Canada rocks - i neeeed to go there!) and Mikey is hiding somewhere in England and doing occasional gigs with John and standing in for ill or unavailable members of the RSC.
not only do the guys to the "Complete works of William Shakespeare - abridged" but they also do the "Complete Word of God - abridged". Here is from top to bottom, John Schwab, Richard Lynson (although this is not his real name) and ikle Mikey O'Connor. it's very funny (i've seen it three times since feb) and not offensive if you actually listen to what they are saying - they just do the actual stories from the bible rather than the "is it true?" side to it...not offensive at all, just plain funny and very well written. -->
<-- another show the guys do is the Complete History of America abridged. i saw this for the first time on May 18th and i've never laughed so much in my life (apart from at the other two shows that is...). I don't know much about american history, only the real basics like the shot heard round the world and such and such but i really did enjoy it. that's what's so great about the RSC, you can go knowing lots about American history and get all the in-jokes, or you can go knowing nothing and still enjoy it because it's just plain funny (but i do recommend knowing some things, there are some in-jokes you really don't want to miss...) From L to R is Richard Lynson, John Schwab and Kyle Dadd. I didn't see these three perform together (i did in the Bible though - they were soooo funny together) but i did see John in it but with Rick and Gary. man they were funny...i cried with laughter that night...v funny...
they have a "question and answer" part in it and once, because no one was asking any questions i asked a question and they took the mic out of me and made me sink further and further into my seat but all thanked me afterwards because no one was asking questions at all. that night i saw Gary, John and Christian. i think it's my favourite show of the three, mainly because there are more crap jokes in this than the other two, and i like crap jokes, and because they basically take the piss out of their own country (well the american cast members do...).

Remember, it's not the length of your History that counts, it's what you've done with it.
I LOVE this picture to pieces. from L to R is Richard Lynson, Kyle Dadd and Mikey O'Connor. i can never get tired of seeing this picture, they're all just so lovely!! Plus i first saw Mikey in the Bible abridged and he was absolutely fabulous! (for more on Mikey read below...

This is one of many pictures of these three - one of the others is featured in the program - well, was... *sniff*. oh well, i'm hoping they'll be back soon. And at least there are tours for when i want to see it. I'll have to make do with just stalking them for now...

yay! i LOVE this photo! -->
<--Simon Jermond (a.k.a. the man of a thousand coats) as Mary in "Complete Word of God" he's lovely - British too! And he was on "No Angels" once, playing with spam. No, really, i have it on tape... i've met him many many times (he's probably contacted the police about it...) and he's always very nice to me, my sister and my mum. when i went to see it with Jack we spoke to him afterwards and i had my picture with him (thanks to Jack) but when me and Jack swapped places and it was me with the camera, i kept shaking (because i was really nervous - i mean, come was SIMON) and so when the picture came out i was half expecting it to look like more of a action shot... But yeah, he's so adorable! he knows who i am!...yay!*jumps around clapping with joy*...*runs giggling into the night* - tee hee!
Kyle Dadd as Ophelia in "Complete works of William Shakespeare". This Canadian man is BRILLIANT - very funny and when i met him with my sister he was sooo nice to us...had a proper chat with us and everything, not just a "thanks for coming - bye!", he was really chatty and gave us big hugs (as shown in the photo of me and Em either side of him)and i even got a "Happy Easter" and a pat on the shoulder with a big grin.*sigh*. oh, and Zac - he has a son by the same name as you...just something i know. but i'm afraid to say that he's gone back to Canada, forever apparently *sob*. nooo!!!! KYLE!!

oh well, at least i got to see his last *sniff* ever performance *sniff* of the Bible....and i got a Happy Easter...*sniff* and a hug...*bursts into tears* noooooooo!!! we all miss you!!! -->
<-- mmm....Richard Lynson...born in America, raised in Lancashire, very nice accent...mmmmm lovely man indeed...very nice when we met him, and i seemed to be his favourite audience member in one particular show because i couldn't stop laughing and he kept grinning at me and waved at me 'n stuff...yay! he's gorgeous!...
SCHWABBY!!!! - Yes, John Schwab is one of the nicest men i have ever met (well, they all are) and he now recognises me when i come to see the show and sometimes gives me hugs (yay!). he likes to pick on me a lot, mainly because i'm smaller than him and also because i'm one of his youngest, i mean... fans. on one occasion i was sitting quietly in the front row and he decided to shoot me with water (it was in the script but he could have got someone else!! and he didn't have to do it so many times...) and after the show he came through the stage door and just pointed at me and laughed. Gitface. he always greets me (and usually my mum) with a smile (instead of a "oh's her!"). the first time he gave me a hug, i kept giggling all the way home...(i'm such a girl...) He always chatty and asks when he's next going to see me (so he knows when not to So even though he takes the mic out of my small stature, i forgive him because he's so damn nice to me whenever i see him.

but yeah, he's lovely, very polite and always in a good mood, even when he's absolutely knackered -->
<-- Christian Malcolm - i've met him many times and i must say he is also a very very nice man and i love him to bits. I've seen him perform at the criterion and met him many times at the stage door and now recieve hugs when i see him. he's vvvvvv tall and is just so funny to watch (especially when he stands next to Simon...he makes Simon look so ickle!!!)and is always fun to watch, especially when he plays Hamlet when he "goes mad/looney" and he is BRILLIANT as green!!!! (LMAO...)

Christian is undoubtedly the tallest man i've ever met...i had my photo taken with him (many thanks to Jack for talking it) and i had my arm around his WAIST! (you can ask Jack if you don't believe me...). and he is sooo sweet with his ickle bicycle helmet and reflective gear...
Rick Bland - man, don't let this guy's name put you off because he is anything but bland. He is brilliant on stage and even nicer off stage. I've seen him in Shakespeare and America abridged (he doesn't do the bible show), and he is just great to watch. and he's so polite! and adorable! and....awww! he's just so sweet! with his ickle hat!

when i first went to see America abridged i went backstage afterwards and both he and John came out at the same time. john asked me when i'd last seen him and i said "well, i last saw you about 3 weeks ago" and grinned at Rick because i'd only seen him the week before and he did a sly grin back at me so he recognises me too! yay! plus one time at Shakespeare he spotted me in the audience and kept looking straight at me...i love him to bits, he's sooo sweet! -->
<-- Gary Fannin - lovely bloke. absolutely hilarious to watch...i cracked up so much when i saw him in America Abridged. I've met him many times, once briefly when i was with my sister, other times i've got to have a proper chat with him and at other times it's been a quick hello before he's had to rush away into the night. He also resides in Fulham (woo!) but apparently supports Chelsea (booo! hisss! bad Gary, bad!). He's very shy though so i try not to scare him when i meet him. emphasis on try...

*edit Feb 2005* This man is PURE EVIL! He dragged me up on stage to make silly animal noises in front of everyone... very embarrassing... especially with Simon and Mikey looking at me as had to make a noise like a trout... (for a better version of this story, look at my livejournal - my name is annie_rexic).

Mikey O'Connor, rock God, natural born comedian, and occasionally an actor. This guy, like all the others, is lovely and always nice to talk to. He, at the moment, is the RSC "stand in guy" whilst he has a break from full-timing it. He and John Schwab have created a band called Film@11, and have been going since 1999 under various names (there's a link to my Film@11 page on my homepage and at the bottom of this page). Together at the Cri he and John are bloody funny and soon have me sinking to the floor in fits of laughter, even on a "bad day". Plus they harmonise really well together when they sing, especially with Simon.

Mikey likes playing playstation games in the dark (Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas is the main reason), experimenting with his beard and hates it when you laugh at him for forgetting his lines in a show...if you do laugh he picks on you and tells you to shut up. it's happened to me and Em, so...beware! (Mikey, i'll get a better picture of you soon! this one just doesn't show you at your best...)-->
<--Adam Long - i am DYING to meet this man!!!! no seriously, i need to see this guy. i have him on the video (and DVD!) of the Complete Works of Shakespeare and he is just amazing to watch. he is one of the founders of the company and has written parts of the plays as well (well, i say parts, but what i actually mean is most of it). He is most probably most people's favourite RSC castmember, but i can't choose myself as i keep meeting new castmembers and thinking "actually, i really liked him too..." but then again i'm crap at choosing...

but yeah, Adam rocks, and he appears on The Reduced Shakespeare Company Radio Show which was on at 11pm every Wednesday on BBC radio 7 or on the internet. 'tis very funny indeed (i always end up crying with laughter) and Adam's co-castmembers are Reed Martin and Austin Tichenor (as shown below).
L to R: Reed, Austin and Adam - catch 'em on BBC7, Wednesdays @ 11, or on radio player but since the series has ended, just go and buy the shakespeare video or DVD...or cds... -->

Piccies from when me and Em met the guys (note:not all from one night...i've gone to the stage door more than once you know...tee hee!)

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