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Viewers Displays baseline JPEG's in SVGA. Made back in 1999. Another JPEG Viewer in SVGA. Twice as fast as the first version. May not work with graphics cards not allowing setting the line length. The older version is safer.

x Displays animated gifs in SCREEN 13 and in SVGA. Uses the mouse file selector.

x Displays old ANSI ART screens. (Remember oldstyle BBS's?). File selector.Caroussel mode. Some samples.

3d stuff

x A fine realtime raytracer demo,written in C by Texel, a spanish demo coder. I ported it to QB and made it 4 times slower. Rotates 3d meshes in SVGA 640x480x32K colors. Can load PLG, O3A and (partially) 3D Studio meshes Just a start..(the image is just b/w now!!). For QB 45 IDE users I include a library including qb and ffix linked together. Do you know any good screenthief program for SVGA-DOS? Raycaster demo with step effect, textured walls, cloudy sky and textured floor

Graphic Demos My entry to October 2001 Toshi's Contest. Texture mapped spinning spheres featuring our old Earth. It was rated second to last.. Two ports of classic demo effects (plasma and rotozoom) to 640x480X256 SVGA Dithered balls screensaver. I did it for a short program contest See how easy is to implement a simple "lake applet" using GET and PUT Screenwide moving flame, using particles to make it more lively. My own starfield demo. That day the night was dark... A fairly fast pixel to pixel scroller for games. Some entries for different short program contests. At that contests the use of the colon (:) to separate instructions is not allowed. Includes a micro-tutorial I once posted to QBASICNEWS forum

Utilities A tool allowing to review data of the VESA modes of your graphics card.


I have never worried to make fancy graphics for a game. The classic board game, you play against the computer. Decission trees, position evaluation, and all that AI. Mouse.


Some models of physical behavior of things..

billiard.bas Ball effects, speaker sound and bad graphics. Unfinished. Maybe it can give an idea to someone

string.bas A rubberish rope hanging from a nail and oscillating Displays Lissajous's curves. Mouse driven

Directory browsers

The challange for me is to do the smallest one.. An error safe,small and spaghettish directory browser in a single function. Ideal to patch into a just finished program and test it with ease. Uses SHELL calls. An error safe, good looking, 3 paneled directory browser. Displays LFN in W9x or 8.3 in DOS, W2000/XP but returns 8.3 for QB's OPEN. Uses SHELL Calls. A very simple (and ugly) file selector using mouse. Uses SHELL. It's difficult to do anything smaller.Now it works!

Library Routines A stack safe and fast flood fill routine. It was published at Graphics Gems by Paul Heckbert. I ported it to QB. A microsecond timer using PIT that works in a DOS box, and a nonblocking nestable delay routine. It works worse with every new version of Windows! Simple routine drawing Windows style 3d shaded boxes, frames, radio buttons, edit windows. Function returning 1 byte integer random nrs ,more random that QB's RND. The demo does a graphic to prove it. A Mouse driver in a single function. Rescales mouse output to user coords. See for an example of use Detects at runtime the QB version (4.0, 4.5, PDS or 1.1), if it's running on the IDE or compiled, if /ah is enabled, if a ffix patch for float math is used. Useful if you are able to write code syntactically correct in all QB versions..

Text processing and display I started my never finished GUI by the scrollers. It scrolls unlimited size text, formatted text , record files, and arrays of strings anf of records. Unfinished, it started to fail when I tried to put in mouse support. This is the non-mouse version A text user entry routine allowing multicolor prompts, and fixed size single line scrolling input windows. Writes scalable text to graphics screen buffer. The demo is a crappy text zoomer, to demonstrate how fast is the routine.

Comms The smallest terminal program you can do in QB. Dial-up to your friend's modem and chat PC to PC..

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My writings

mousetut.html My first tutorial It's about mouse in QB4.5 and in QBasic1.1.

Quick Basic

PC Magazine's Basic Techniques and Utilities Or Ethan winners book. For intermediate programmers, not a "learn QB" book. Understand what happens "under the hook". As it was written in 1989, not a word about graphics!!.

PC and DOS

Ralf brown's list of interrupts The most complete, maybe too much information to be practical

PC Games Programming Encyclopedia aka. PCGPE, a compendium of info about all hardware in te PC: Soundblaster, SVGA, EMS, XMS, assembler. Examples in pascal and assembler. The dos viewer will need this patch if you run it in a pc faster than 200Mhz . The windows help version seems to have some articles missing. Is the reference about timers in the pc, covers screen refresh sync, the real time clock, the PIT, the speaker. Not a word about working in a DOS box in windows!. Examples in C and assembler

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Tools & utilities

General use

Interesting DOS programs This place is one of the DOS repositories still updated regularly!

Tame DOS For Win XP-2000 users. This program smooths the working of DOS programs, provided you're smart enough to configure it. Shareware, nod crippled trial version

2xplorer If you run W98 and you experience that stupid File Explorer slowdowns, simply use this two panels explorer. Freeware.

Metapad A small improved Notepad. In only 100K of source it has replace in selection, always on top, cursor position display, recent files list, two predefined fonts, does'nt add .TXT to filenames and it reads Unix and Mac plain text. In W98, simply put it in the place of Notepad. In W2000-XP Notepad resurects! after being erased so you will have to edit all your associations. Freeware.

Med IDE A good widely configurable IDE that comes with an integrated Hex editor. Syntax highlighting, after compiling cursor goes to first error. You can configure it for QB, in fact Plasma did it, so ask him. Shareware

Batch Renamer An useful command line file renamer. Not a mp3 renamer! Uses Unix-like regular expressions.Freeware.

VDMSound Adds SoundBlaster sound to DOS boxes in W2000 and XP. The sound card does'nt need to be a SB. Freeware

WinRar The archiver the geeks use. Shareware, the commandline archiver is free.

SED This is a command line, regular expression driven, non-interactive editor. ;). Eric pement has here all freeware versions

QB specific Code beautifier, or pretty printer or indenter for QB. The only one that does'nt ruin MY sources so they work the same after QBB. By Kewbie Newbie, programmed in PDS 7.1 but it works the same in QB4.5.Source included. The patch for QB4.5's floating point bug. It makes fp calculations nearly 3 times faster! By V1ctor. A shell to Qb lib.exe, making easy all those command line parameters you can't remember. It takes an assembler listing and creates a loader SUB in your program. Only 8086 code, as it's a shell to DOS's debug.exe Probably not the best one, it just worked for me..Source included. Preprocessor for all flavors of Basic, allows macros, conditional compiling. Unfortunately the IDE does'nt support those add-on tools. Translates QB4.5 interrupt calls to inline assembler to allow execution in QB1.1. Comment out temporally '$DYNAMIC and '$STATIC in your source before running it or it will fail... A simple make utility for those compiling big programs from the command line. Experienced programmers will prefer most advanced makes. Strips comments and unneeded spaces from a file, saving space in the IDE

remline.bas Removes most of that oldschool line numbers from vintage sources. It's one of the tools included with QB 1.1 Unprotects GWBASIC and BASICA programs saved with /P option Converts GWBASIC and BASICA programs in internal format to ASCII. Converts QBasic sources to PowerBasic 3.2. (a.k.a FirstBasic)

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Only a small part of the places I like....

QBasic News forum Maybe the most populated forum nowadays. People still asks and answers QB questions there!

Pete's QBasic Page The new site by Pete Berg,a reference to the QB comunity, as once was the old site. Links, tutorials, reviews, downloads...

QBasic compiler repository Here Nathan, helped by the community, has gathered most of the versions QB has had. For educational purposes, of course... It once was the place Qb'ers hung by.Unfortunately it has been plagued by troubles since 2002. If it happens to be available, it has big archive of QB programs (not all of them with source) and hundreds of tutorials.

All Basic code The biggest archive of QB source, more than 2200 sources of varying quality. Has a search engine!

QB Code Post An useful place where a forum allows to post/ask for sources. See it's archives!

Jark's place One of the most beautiful pages on raytracing and fractals.All the images are product of (pure)QB code, the source is available and the whole site is a huge tutorial. A great work!

Toshi's page Toshi's graphics demos and thousand links to all kinds of programming resources. A bunch of good tutorials. And the home of the QBasic Demo Contest.

Sebastian Mate's page This guy is developing an OS (not just a GUI) in QB. He's had time to develop also a midi file player, a detector of PCI hardware, a TCP-IP library and some other interesting things.

Jacques Mallah's page It features a playable 3rd person shooter in pure QB . A tutorial on raycasters and another on unreadable code. Also interested in the devil and in quantum mechanics.

BasicGuru A pool of experts' page. Interesting for his links to Rapid-Q, Powerbasic or BCX (translator from basic to C)

Arclight's QB pages The best realtime Phong shading (light reflection effects) I've seen in QB.

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