We can use our walking time, not just to enjoy the beauty of nature or get a little exercise, but to become more deeply aligned with the earth and with our inner selves.

This Earthwalk focuses on the power of Wind to help us move our stuck energy patterns. Autumn is a perfect time to change direction if we sense something is not working for us, and the Wind can be our ally. The change can be small, pertaining to a specific aspect of your life, or it can be dramatic, encompassing your entire being.

Find out how to do this simple, beautiful, and very effective walking exercise:

It is ideal to perform this walk in an area that is relatively free from obstacles and where the wind is strong. An area that is high and exposed or a flat windy plain is a good example of suitable terrain.

1. Begin walking slowly and mindfully at a pace and rhythm that feel comfortable for you. Continue until your thoughts begin to quiet and you start to feel a connection to Wind.

2. As you feel the force of the wind, fully notice its direction. Focus on this direction for a few minutes and then turn to explore the other three directions. For example, if your begin walking with the wind at your back, turn and thoroughly explore walking with the wind coming directly at you and then to either side of you.

3. Next, stop walking, close your eyes, and, standing in place, slowly turn in circles as you ask Wind to help you change your direction of energy as it relates to a specific life situation or your overall path in life. Fully and energetically offer your situation for her to see. The more specific you are, the better the result will be.

4. Continue spinning slowly until you feel compelled to stop. Donít allow your rational mind to enter this process and tell you to stop at a certain point. Feel with all your being the direction of the wind as it comes at you. This is your new direction in this moment.

5. After youíve stopped turning in place, open your eyes and begin to walk in whichever direction Wind takes you. Feel the energy of this new direction and explore it thoroughly.

6. As this part of the process comes to a close, turn and face Wind and thank her for helping you.

Check back in after we continue to get our new site fully up. Love, Peace, and Life.

Mike Struthers