Such gunsmith, such weapon "the saber is the soul of the Samurai", says one to us of the oldest principles of the Bushidô, the Route of the soldier. Symbol of virilidad, loyalty and anger, the saber is the favorite weapon of the Samurai. But the saber, in the Japanese tradition, is something more than a terrible instrument, something but that a philosophical symbol. It is a magical weapon. Weapon that can be beneficial or maleficent, according to the personality of the forjador and the proprietor. The saber is the prolongation of which they manipulate them, is impregnated mysteriously of the vibrations that flow of their beings. Old the Japanese, inspired by the old Shinto religion, conceive the manufacture of the saber like a work of alchemy in which the inner harmony of the forjador is more important that its technical capacities. Before forging a leaf, the armorer spent several days meditating later was purified practicing cold water ablutions. Once dressed in white habits he put hands to the work, in the best inner conditions to create a quality weapon. Masamune and Muramas were two capable gunsmiths who lived in the beginning on century XIV. Both they made sabers of great quality. Murasama, of violent character, was a taciturn and anxious personage. It had the sinister reputation to make frightful leaves that they pushed his proprietors to enter into bloody combats or that, sometimes, they hurt to that they manipulated them. Their arms sedientas of blood quickly took fame from maleficent. On the contrary, Masamune was a forjador of the great serenity that practiced the ritual of the purification to forge its leaves. Still nowadays they are considered like the best ones of the country. A man whom he loved to find out the quality difference that existed between both forms of manufacture, introduced a saber of Murasama in the current of the water. Each leaf that derived in the current and that it touched the leaf was cut in two. Next it introduced a saber made by Masamune. The leaves avoided the saber. No of them was cut slid intact bordering the edge as if these did not want to do damage to them. The man gave then his verdict: - the Murasama is terrible, the Masamune is human