The Art of La Paz Lessons of the founder of the Aikido Morihei Ueshiba

Morihei Ueshiba (1883 - 1969) was the greatest teacher of martial arts of history. Even being a old one of 80 years, it could disarm any enemy, win to any number of attackers and immobilize to any opponent with a single finger. Although invincible like Morihei soldier he was mainly a peace man that detested the fights, the war and all class of violence. Its way was the Aikido, that can be translated like "the Art of La Paz".                                                      ;


The Art of La Paz is an ideal, but it was developed in the life in many fronts. In his Morihei youth it served in the infantry in the Russian-Japanese war; soon it faced pirates and bandits during an adventure in Mongolia, and after dominating several martial arts he was instructor of the military schools of elite in Japan. Nevertheless during all his Morihei life it felt a painful restlessness by the fights and confrontations that plagued their world: the battles of its father with corrupt politicians and their mercenarios, the devastation of the war and the brutality of the military leaders of its country.

Morihei was in a spiritual search and had three visions that transformed it. First it happened in 1925, when it was 42 years old. After overcoming to a skilled swordsman of high rank when avoiding all his advances and cuts (Morihei was disarmed), it went to his garden. "Suddenly, the Earth shook. A golden steam arose from the ground and it surrounded to me. I felt transformed into a golden image and my body seemed as light as a pen. Suddenly I included/understood the nature of the creation: the Way of the Guerrero must show the Divine Love, a spirit whom it embraces and it nourishes to all the things. Tears of gratitude and joy ran by my cheeks. I saw to the whole Earth like my home, and to the sun, the moon and the stars like intimate friends. All attachment to the material things vanished ".

The second vision took place in December of 1940. "Around the two in the morning, while a ritual purification practiced, I forgot suddenly all the techniques martial art that had learned. All the techniques that my teachers had transmitted to me completely appeared renewed. Now, they were vehicles for the culture of the life, the knowledge, the virtue and the sense common instead of resources to demolish and to immobilize people ".

The third vision happened in 1942, during the worse one of the battles of World War II and in one of the darkest periods of human history. Morihei saw the great spirit of La Paz, a footpath that could lead to the elimination of all fight and the reconciliation of the humanity. "the way of the soldier badly has been interpreted like means to kill and to destroy to others. Those that looks for the competition commit a serious error. To strike, to hurt or to destroy are the worse sin than a human being can commit. The true way of the soldier must prevent the slaughter, is the Art of La Paz, the power of the Love ". As of that moment, Morihei retired to the field and dedicated every minute of its life to refine and to spread the Aikido, the Art of La Paz.

Unlike the old classic text authors of soldiers like the Art of war and Libro of the five Ring, that accepts the inevitabilidad of the war and emphasizes average the astute strategy as to arrive at the Morihei victory included/understood that the continuous fight -- with others, we ourself and surrounding means -- would ruin the Earth. "the world will continue changing dramatically, but the fight and the war can destroy to us totally. What now we needed they are technical of harmony and not of confrontation. The Art of La Paz is required and not the Art of war." Morihei taught the Art of La Paz like a creative discipline of the body and the mind, like an average practitioner to handle itself before the aggression and like means of life that feeds the anger, the wisdom, the love and the friendship. It interpreted the Art of war in the possible amplest sense and thought that its principle of reconciliation, harmony, cooperation and empathy could valiantly be applied to all the challenges that the life presents/displays to us in the personal relations, in the interaction with the society, the work and the businesses and the relation with the nature. All man can be a soldier by La Paz.

Although the Aikido was originated with Morihei in Japan, tries to be a gift for all the humanity. Some have chosen, or will choose in the future, the Aikido like their own Private road, practicing it on the mats and applying it to their daily life. Many have been and will be more, I hope, inspired by the universal message of the Art of La Paz and its implications for our world.

The divine beauty. Of the sky and the Earth.

All the creation, members of a family.

The appointments of this book have been compiled of reunited them char of Morihei, its poems and handwritings and the oral tradition.

The term ki appears in some places; one talks about the subtle energy that impels the universe, the vitality that impregnates the creation and that maintains to all the together things.

The Art of La Paz begins with you. It works on same you and with the task that has been assigned you in the Art of La Paz All we have a spirit that can be refined, a body that can be trained of certain way, an advisable footpath to follow. You are here with the single intention of darte counts of your inner divinity and to show your innate illumination. It feeds La Paz in your own life and soon it applies the Art to everything what you find.

They are not necessary buildings, money, power or prestige to practice the Art of La Paz. The sky is exactly there where you are and that is the place to train.

All the spiritual things, materials and, arise from a same source and are related as if they formed a family. The past, the present and the future they are contained in the force of the life. The Universe emerged and development from a unique source, and we evolved through the optimal process of unification and harmonization.

The Art of La Paz is the medicine for an ill world. In the world they exist and the disorder badly because people have forgotten that all the things emanate of a single source. It returns to that source and it back leaves all thought autocentrado, all stingy desire and all wrath. Those that they are had by the anything have everything.

If you have not been united to the true vacuidad, you will never include/understand the Art of La Paz.

The Art of La Paz works everywhere in the Earth, from the vastness of the space to the smallest plant or the smallest animal. The force of the life penetrates everything and its strength is limitless. The Art of La Paz allows us to perceive and to resort to that enormous reserve of Universal Energy.

Eight forces maintain the Creation: movement and calm, solidification and fluidity, extension and contraction, unification and division.

The life is growth. If we stop the growth, technique and spiritually, we are as useful as corpses. The Art of La Paz is the celebration of the connection of the sky, the Earth and the humanity. He is all the true one, good and the beautiful thing.

Time and time again it will be necessary that you retire between deep mountains and hidden valleys to restore your bow with the life source. Déjate inspires and to elevate to the borders of the Universe; it expires and it lets to the cosmos return within you. Soon it inhales all the fecundity and vitality of the Earth. Finally, it combines the breath of the sky and the Earth breath with the yours own one, transformándote in the same breath of the life.

All the principles of the Sky and the Earth are alive within you. The same life is the truth and this never will change. Everything, in the Sky and the Earth, breathes. The breathing is the thread that ties the creation and it maintains it united. When the myriad of variations of the universal breathing can be perceived, the individual techniques are born of the Art of La Paz.

It considers the flow and ebb tide of the tide. When the waves come to strike the border, they are raised and they fallen causing a sound. Your breathing would have to follow the same pattern, absorbing the Universal whole number in your belly with each inhalation. You must know that all we have access to four treasures: the energy of the Sun and the Moon, the breathing of the Sky, the Earth breathing and the flow and ebb tide of Marea.

Those that they practice the Art of La Paz must protect the dominions of the Mother Nature, divine reflection of the creation, and maintain it beautiful and fresh. The quality of the soldier gives origin to the natural beauty. The subtle techniques of a soldier arise as naturally as they appear the spring, the summer, the autumn and the winter. The quality of the soldier is not another thing that the vitality that sustains all the life.

When the life is victorious, there is birth; when prevented, there is death. The soldier permanently is dedicated to a fight of life or death by La Paz.

He contemplates works of this world, listens to the words of the wise person and takes everything what is good like own. With this as he bases, he opens your own door to the truth. You do not despise the truth that is right before you. It observes freely as the water in the stream of a valley flows, smooth and between rocks. It also learns of sacred books and wise people. Each thing -- including rivers and mountains, plants and trees -- would have to be your teacher.

It again creates every day vistiéndote with Sky and Earth, bañándote with wisdom and love and colocándote in the heart of the Mother Nature.

You do not let learn of the pure voice of the mountain stream that flows eternally sprinkling rocks.

La Paz is originated with flowing of the things, its heart is like the movement of the wind and the waves. The way is like the veins that make circulate the blood through our bodies, following the natural course of the force of the life. If you are separated at least a little the divine essence, you are far from the footpath.


Your heart is full of fertile seeds hoping to appear. In the same way which a flower of loto arises from mud to bloom in all its splendor, the interaction of the cosmic breathing makes bloom the spirit so that of fruit in this world.

It studies the lessons of the pine, the bamboo and pimpollo of the plum tree. The pine is always green, firmly taken root and is venerable. The bamboo is strong, resistant and unshakeable. Pimpollo of the plum tree vigorous, is perfumed and elegant.

Mantén always your so luminous and clear mind as the vast sky, the great ocean and the highest tip: empty of all thought. Mantén always your full body of light and heat. Llénate to same you with the power of the wisdom and the illumination.

As soon as you take care of the "good" and "badly" of your resemblances, you create an opening in your heart by which the malicia enters. To examine, to compete and to criticize to other debilitate to you and it defeats to you.

The penetrating brightness of the swords maintained by the followers of the Way strikes to the enemy evildoer hidden in the deep interior of its own bodies and souls.

The Art of La Paz is not easy. It is a fight until the aim, the slaughter of bad desires and the inner falsification. In some occasions, the voice of La Paz resonates like a thunderclap, shaking to the human beings and removing them from its lethargy.

Clear like the crystal, acute and shining, the sagrada sword does not admit site to lodge to badly.

In order to practice the Art of La Paz suitably you must: to calm the spirit and to return to the source. To eliminate all malicia, egoísmo and desire to clean to the body and the spirit. To feel eternal gratitude by the received gifts of the Universe, your family, the Mother Nature and your resemblances.

The Art of La Paz is based on four great virtues: value, wisdom, love and friendship, symbolized by the Fire, the Sky, the Earth and the Water.

The essence of the Art of La Paz is to clean your being of malicia, to harmonize with your atmosphere and to clear your footpath of all the obstacles and barriers.

The only cure for the materialism is the cleaning of the 6 senses (eyes, ears, nose, language, body and mind). If the senses are obstructed, the perception is clouded. The more cloudy the perception, the more the senses are contaminated. This creates disorder in the world and that is the badly greatest one. It refines your heart, it releases to the 6 senses and déjalos to work without obstructions, and your whole body and soul will shine.

All life is a manifestation of the spirit, the manifestation of the love. And the Art of La Paz is the purest form of that principle. A soldier is responsible to stop all discussion and all fight. The universal love works of diverse forms; to each manifestation free expression is due to allow him. The Art of La Paz is true democracy.

All and each one of the teachers, without concerning time or place, received the call and reached the harmony with the sky and the Earth. There are many footpaths that take to the top of the Fuji mount, but are a single summit: the Love.

Loyalty and the devotion do to the brave one. Valentía leads the sacrifice spirit. The sacrifice spirit generates confidence in the power of the love.

The economy is the base of the society. When the economy is stable the society is developed. The ideal economy unites spiritual and the material, and the best merchandise with which to deal they are the sincerity and the love.

The Art of La Paz does not lean in arms nor in the brute force to prevail; instead of that we sharpened ourselves with the Universe, we maintain La Paz in our scopes, we nourished the life and we avoided the death and the destruction. The true meaning of the word samurai is that that serves and adheres to the power of the love.

It lodges and it refines to the quick spirit of the soldier while your service in the world; it illuminates the footpath according to your inner light.

The footpath of La Paz is extremely vast: it reflects the intention of both worlds, the manifesto and the hidden one. The soldier is the living temple of the divine thing, the one that is to the service of that intention.

Your mind would have to harmonize with the operation of the universe; your body, with the movement of the universe; body and mind forming a unit that is unified with the activity of the Universe.

Although our footpath is completely different from the arts single-breasted uniform jackets of the past it is not necessary to leave the old ways totally. It absorbs the venerable traditions in the new art having them with fresh articles and constructs all the classic styles to create better forms.

The daily training in the Art of La Paz causes that your inner divinity shines more and more. You do not take care of good and the bad thing of the others. You are not making accounts, acts with naturalness. Mantén your mind directed to the Art of La Paz, and you do not criticize other lessons or traditions. The Art of La Paz restricts, neither limits nor puts ties to no thing. It embraces everything and all it purifies it.

The Art of La Paz practices sincerely, and the bad thoughts and bad actions will disappear naturally. The only desire that must remain is the thirst to become qualified more and more in the footpath.

Those that has reached the illumination never stop to work to themselves. The understanding of such teachers cannot be expressed in words or theories. The most perfect actions are the echo of patterns that are in the nature.

Day after day adiéstrate to same you, refining your technique: it uses the One to attack the Manifold! That is the discipline of the soldier.

The way of the soldier cannot be included with words or by letter: It catches the essence and it advances towards the understanding!

The intention of the training is to tighten the loose thing, to fortify the body and to polish the spirit.

The iron is full of impurities that debilitate it; the forge transforms it into steel and makes of him a filosa sword. The human beings are developed in the same way.

From old times, the value and the knowledge have been both pillars of the Footpath: through the virtue of the training, it illuminates your body and your spirit.

The instructors single can distribute education fragments. The mysteries of the Art of La Paz arise to the sacrificed own life through your practical one.

The way of the soldier is based on the humanity, the love and the sincerity; the heart of the martial value is true valentía, wisdom, love and friendship. To accentuate the corporal aspects of the quality of the soldier is useless, because the power of the body always is limited.

The true soldier always counts on three arms: the radiating sword of the pacification; the mirror of valentía, the friendship and the wisdom; and the precious stone of the illumination.

The heart of the human not difference of the soul of sky and earth. In your practice they ten always present the interaction of sky and earth, water and fire, yin and yang.

The Art of La Paz is the principle of the nonresistance. Because he is not resistant, it counts from the beginning with the victory. Those that has bad intentions or pendencieros thoughts are defeated instantaneously. The Art of La Paz is invincible because against anything it fights.

In the Art of La Paz there are no fights. The true soldier is invincible because he does not fight with anybody. To win means to defeat the dispute idea that we lodged in our mind.

To hurt an opponent is herirte to same you. The Art of La Paz is to control the aggression without producing damages.

The totally wide-awake soldier can freely use all the elements contained in sky and earth. The true soldier learns to correctly perceive the activity of the Universe and to transform the martial techniques into purity vehicles, kindness and beauty. The mind and the body of the soldier must be impregnated of deep calm and luminous wisdom.



The Art of La Paz with vitality and joy always practices.

It is necessary to develop a strategy that uses all the physical codifications and the elements that are within reach. The best strategy leans in a limitless set of answers.

A good position reflects the correct attitude of the mind.

The key of the technique is to maintain right hands, feet and hips and trims. If you are centered, you can moverte with freedom. The center of your body is the belly; if your mind also is there, you have the victory ensured in all action.

Muévete since a light beam; it flies like the ray, it strikes like the thunderclap, turns in circles around a firm center.

The techniques use four qualities that reflect the nature of our world. According to the circumstances you must be hard as the diamond, flexible like the willow, of smooth flowing like the water, or as empty as the space.

If your opponent shell, responds with free water, hazte to you totally movable and of flowing. The water, by its nature, never hits anything or bankruptcy. On the contrary, it absorbs all attack and it is undamaged.

Working in harmonious set, the right and the left give origin to all the techniques. The left hand seizes of the life and the death; the right hand controls them. The four extremities of the body are the four pillars of the sky, and show the eight directions, yin and yang, outside and interior.

It shows yang, with your right hand, balancing it with yin of your left, and guides your companion.

The techniques of the Art of La Paz are fast neither slow, are not outside nor inside. They are beyond time and space.

It appears of the Great Earth; álzate like the Great Waves; enraízate like a tree, rests like a rock; it uses the One to attack Everything. It learns and it forgets!

When an opponent goes ahead, enfréntalo and salúdalo, if she tries to back down, déjalo to follow its way.

The body would have to be triangular, the circular mind. The triangle represents the energy generation and is the more stable physical position, the circle symbolizes serenity and perfection, the limitless source of techniques. The square represents solidity, the base of the control.

It always tries to be in comunión with sky and earth, this way the world will appear in its true aspect. The presumption will vanish and you will be able to harmonize with any attack.

If your heart is ample like including your adversary, you can see through them and avoid its attacks. Once you have included them, you will be able to guide them by the way that sky and earth have indicated to you.

It frees of all weakness, not tending to ignore the crude attack of your enemies: Bear and acts!

You do not face east world with fear and rejection. It confronts with value everything what the Gods offer to you.

Every day of the human life contains wrath and joys, pain and pleasure, light and the dark, growth and decay. Every moment is noticeable with the great intention of the nature, you do not deal with oponerte or to deny the cosmic order of the things.

The techniques of La Paz, protectors of this world and guardians of the Way of the Gods and the Budas, enable us to face all the challenges.

The same life is always a test. To adiestrarte you must ponerte on approval and refinarte to be able to confront the great challenges of the life. It extends the limits of the life and the death, and then you will be able to face calm and security any crisis that appears to you.

It is even thankful always, the defeats, the shortages and to the bad people. To learn to move with such obstacles is an essential part of the training in the Art of La Paz.

The failure is the key of the success. Each error teaches something to us.

Extreme situations, the universal whole number is transformed into our enemy, at so critical moments, the mind unit and technique is essence: you do not allow that your heart titubee!

At the moment at which a soldier confronts the enemy, all the things fall under the center of their glance.

Even though a single enemy protests to you, remains in guard, because you are always surrounded by legions of enemies.

The Art of La Paz is to complete the faltante.

In order to be able to illuminate the Footpath it is necessary to be prepared to receive the ninety and nine percents of the enemy attack and to face the face of the death.

Our techniques completely we entered, we mixed ourselves in totality and we controlled with firmness an attack. The force is when the ki is stable and is concentrated, the confusion and the malicia arises when the ki stagnates.

Two types of ki exist: The worldly ki is heavy and dense, the true ki is light and versatile.

In order to evolve well, you must liberarte of the worldly ki and impregnate your organs with true ki. This is the base of a powerful technique.

In the Art of La Paz we attacked. To attack is test that one is outside control. You never flee from a challenge, but you do not try to eliminate or to control an opponent of unnatural way. It leaves them attacking approach of the way in which they want and mézclate with them. You never persecute an opponent. It reorients all attack and mantente firmly back.

When seeing me in front of him, the enemy attacks, but for that moment already I am signs surely and behind him.

When they attack to you, it unifies the parts superior, average and low of your body. It enters, tour and mézclate with your opponent, in front and back, right and left.

Your spirit is the true shield.

Continuously the opponents confront to us, but in fact there is there no opponent some. He deeply enters the attack and neutralízalo attracting the force that goes in direction missed towards your own sphere.

You fixedly do not watch the eyes of your opponent, could hipnotizarte. You do not fix your glance to its back, could intimidarte. Nonapproaches the glance in your opponent: it could absorb your energy. The essence of the training is to attract your opponent within your sphere completely. Then you will be able situarte where you wish.

Until most powerful of the human beings it has a sphere of limited force. Sácalo of that sphere and atráelo to yours; its force will dissipate.

To left and right, it avoids all the cuts and shutdowns. It catches the thoughts of your opponent and disípalos!

The true Art of La Paz is not to sacrifice one single one of your soldiers to overcome the enemy. Defeat to your enemies manteniéndote always in a inatacable position and out of danger; then, there will be no losses in no side. The way of the soldier, the art of the policy, is to stop the conflict before it begins. It consists of defeating the adversary spiritually, making see the madness him of his action. The way of the soldier is to establish the harmony.

It dominates the divine techniques of the Art of La Paz and there will be no enemy who dares to desafiarte.

In your training, you do not hurry, since to dominate the basic thing and to arrive at the first step it takes a minimum of 10 years. You never imagine to be masterful of the perfection that all knows it; you must continue your daily training next to your friends and disciples and to progress together in the Art of La Paz.

The progress arrives at which is trained uninterruptedly; to trust secret techniques will not take to you nowhere.

To play with one and another technique is of little utility. It acts with decision and without reserves!

If you perceive the true sky form and earth, you see with clarity your true form. When you see with clarity a certain principle, you can put it in practice. After each practical application, it reflects on your efforts. It progresses constantly this way.

The Art of La Paz can be transformed thus: the true victory is the victory on himself. That that day arrives with prewalls! The "true victory" means reckless anger; "victory on himself", symbolizes efforts without titubeos, and "That that day arrive with it prewalls! "it represents the glorious moment of the triumph in here and now.

It throws outside you the thoughts that limit and returns to the true vacuidad. Sitúate in means of the great emptiness. This it is the secret of the way of the soldier.

In order to truely put in practice the Art of La Paz, you must be able to play freely in the manifest kingdom, the hidden one and the divine one.

If you conceive the Art of La Paz, this difficult footpath, as it is, it includes the circle of the sky.

The techniques of the Art of La Paz change constantly; each encounter is unique, and the suitable answer must arise with naturalness. The morning techniques will be different from those from today. You do not let yourself catch by the form and appearance of a challenge. The Art of La Paz does not have form; it is the study of the spirit.

Finally, you must forget the techniques. The more crude the less lessons it has. The great footpath truely is a nonFootpath.

The Art of La Paz that I practice has I surround for the eight million Gods of the world, and I cooperate with all of them. The God of La Paz is very great and conjugates everything what divine and it is illuminated in the Earth.

The Art of La Paz is a plegaria form that generates light and heat. It forgets your small being, libérate of the attachment to all object, and you will emanate light and heat. The light is wisdom; the heat is compassion.

The divine thing is not something distant and over us. It is in the sky, it is in the Earth, it is within us.

Únete to the cosmos, and the importance idea will disappear. The importance belongs to the profane world. When all vestige of importance vanishes, the true person -- the Divine being -- pronounces itself. Vacíate to same you and leaves works the divine thing.

The Divine thing does not wish to be locked up in a building. The divine thing yearns for the open space. It is here, indeed in this body. Each one of us is a Universe in miniature, a living temple.

When reverences deeply the Universe, you receive reverences; when you pronounce the name of God, it resonates in your interior.

The Art of La Paz is the religion that is not a religion; it totalizes and it completes all the religions.

The Footpath is extraordinarily vast. From old times to the present, to the greatest wise people they were incapable to perceive and to include/understand the complete truth; the explanations and lessons of saints and teachers single express a part absolutely. Nobody can express it completely. Simply encamínate towards the light and the heat, learns of the Gods, and through the virtue of the sacrificed practice of the Art of La Paz hazte One with the Divine thing.

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