Concentration After gaining several aids of arcade, the young person and jactancioso champion challenged a Zen teacher who was recognized by his skill like arquero. The young person demonstrated a technical notable when she gave him to the eye of a distant bull in the first attempt, and soon divided that arrow with the second shot. "There he is", said the old one to him, "to see if you can equal that". Immutable, the teacher I do not unholster its arc, but he invited to the young arquero that he followed it towards the mountain. Peculiar on the intentions of the old one, the champion followed it towards the stop of the mountain until they arrived at a deep abyss crossed by a fragile and trembly trunk. Unemployed with calm in means of unstable and certainly the dangerous bridge, the old one chose like target a distant tree, he unholstered his arc, and he shot a clean and direct shot. "Now it is your turn", said while he stopped myself gracefully in mainland. Contemplating with terror the abyss apparently bottomless, the young person could not commit itself to raise the trunk, and less to make the shot. "You have much ability with the arc", said the teacher, "but you have little ability with the mind that makes you misfire".