They tell that a Japanese young person was in search of a teacher of martial arts. Finally, after walking much, he managed to locate to one of great reputation. When finally he managed to arrange an appointment with him, the teacher asked to him:

- What delays of my?

- I hope that you accept to me as student and with your education I will become the most skillful martial artist. - the boy Said and asked - How long can take that me?

- Ten years, at least - the teacher Talked back.

- That is long time - Said the young person and if training the double that the rest of your disciples?

- good Ah, in that case you will take twenty years in convertirte in an expert - He responded in teacher.

- But I will train tomorrow, late and night and will sacrifice my hours of feeding and dream if it is precise.

- In that case - the teacher said you will take thirty years.

- But how he can be possible? - he asked confused the boy While more time I dedicate to him to my training, according to you, more I will delay in reaching my objective. How you can explain that?

- Very easy - the teacher When an eye is concentrated watching towards the goal, single said is left another eye to see the way that it leads.