THE INCREIBLE ...............KI

The Incredible Ki a Teacher battle by hand undresses taught his art in a city of province. Its reputation was so in the region that nobody could compete with. The other professors of martial arts were without disciples. A young expert who had decided to settle down itself and to teach in the environs wanted to go a day to cause to this famous Teacher with the purpose of finishing with his reign. The expert I appear in the school of the Teacher. A old one opened the door to him and I ask to him that it wished. The young person announced without doubting his intention. The old one, visibly opposed, explained to him that that idea was a suicide since the effectiveness of the Masterful one was frightful. The expert, with the purpose of impressing to this old means chocho that doubted its force, took a wood plate that walked that way and from rodillazo it left it in two. The old one remained imperturbable. The visitor insisted again on fighting with the Teacher, threatening break it everything to demonstrate to his determination and its capacities. The good man requested to him that he hoped a little while and he disappeared. Just a short time later he returned with an enormous piece of bamboo in the hand. Occurred it to the young person and it said to him: - the Teacher has the custom to break with puñetazo the bamboos of this thickness. I cannot take in serious its request if you are not able to do the same. The presumptuous young person made an effort in doing with the bamboo just like she had done with the wood plate, but finally resigned, exhausted and with the sore members. He said that no man could break that bamboo with the naked hand. The old one talked back that the Teacher could do it. I advise to the visitor who left his project until the moment that outside able to do the same. Crushed, the expert swore to return and to surpass the test. During two years one trained intensively breaking bamboos. Their muscles and their body became hardened day to day. Their efforts had their fruits and a day appeared again in the door of the school, insurance of himself. It was received by same the old one. It demanded that they brought one to him of those famous bamboos of the test and I do not take in piercing it between two stones. It was concentrated during some seconds, I raise the hand and sending a terrible shout it broke the bamboo. With a great smile of satisfaction in the lips one became fragile the old one. This it declared a little to him annoying: - Decidedly I am unforgivable. I believe that I have forgotten to need a detail: the Teacher breaks the bamboo... without touching it. - the young person, outside if, I answer that he did not believe in the promises of this Teacher whose simple existence had not been able to verify. Then, the old one took a bamboo and it tied it to a cord that hung of the ceiling. After to have breathed deeply, without clearing the bamboo eyes, sent a terrible shout that arose from deepest from its being, at the same time that its hand, just as a saber, it cleaved the air and it stopped to 5 centimeters of the bamboo... that jumped in pieces. Subjugated by the shock that finished receiving, the expert remained during several minutes without being able to say a word, was petrified. Finally he humbly asked pardon the old Teacher by his odioso behavior and he requested to him that he accepted it like disciple.