m¤ oresh¤ta ¤zqu¤erda y m¤s ar¤tus         m¤ p¤erc¤ng



y a cont¤nuac¤ˇn 100% carne

lunarsh¤to cuello


lunarsh¤to mano

                       lunarsh¤to tetaaaaa               


m¤ cazador de sue˝oz




ín °n m°ment

w°uld y°u capture !t?

°r just let !t slíp┐

y°u °nly get °ne sh°t

d° n°t m!ss y°ur chance t° bl°w


s¤ s°l° tuv¤eras una chance, una °p°rtun¤dad

┐ la agarrar¤as... ° la dejar¤as escapar ?




TaToO pOeM


pass through my door, it┤s up to

you but justa rememberme this

i have the power to hold you there,

with what is my first


for when inside, that┤s where you┤ll stay,

like moths around a light

and i┤ll keep you with my patterned walls,

of pictures coloured bright


once there, you┤ll have no choice,

but to give to me your skin

and with skills as old as man himself,

my work i shall begin


don┤t try to run, there┤s no escape

for i have cast my speel

with wand of steel once energised,

that┤s old, out burnslike hell


and i┤ll leave my work upon your skin,

for all the world to see

it┤s the only thing you can obtain in like

and take, to eternity┐