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// 02-10-2008

new avies!

There's some new Reela avies that you can check clicking here.
Don't forget to check my New Ray & Neela site. All the Roomies news will be posted there, while this will remain as a Gallery.


even more!

Ausiello talked about Shane's return in and give more details here.
There's more spoilers in the SRBoard.
I thought it was right to to thank everyone who helped in the Campaign, so you can go now to Save Reela Board and join the Save Reela Thank You Campaign. I made some graphics for it, you can check it in my LJ.

You can check a new video with Shane West in MySpace Celebrity where he discusses his role as Darby Crash in the biopic movie, What We Do is Secret.
There's also a new interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, the trailer of WWDiS in MTV and pics of the movie premiere in New York.

Thanks to SR board and Shane'sRealFans // 11-08-2008

more spoilers

We had the best news ever, and there's more spoilers about Ray's return episode in ER Exchange.

A thousand million thanks to SR board and Shane'sRealFans // 31-07-2008


Ray is gonna be back!!!
I was hyperventilating when I first read it in Save Reela!
Thanks to GUnit for the info!
I can't wait to know more, and to see him, is gonna be great after all the effort!

Thanks to SR board and Shane'sRealFans // 29-07-2008

All new!!!

Ladies and gentlemans this site has a totally new image!
I know the Roomies are not in their best moment, but I still belive that there's a little Ray of hope, and until someone kicks me and/or ER is over without a happy Roomie end, I will stay standing and waiting for them.
So I hope you like the new layout and will submit your art!


Campaign news

First of all there's more than 50 users on the board and already 274 signatures in the Save the Roomies-Save the World petition, but now there's a new Save Reela on MySpace and a vid made by Ed to promote the campaign.

Join so Neela and Ray can have the end that we all want.

I won the Fan Art Contest on the Reela is Love Board for this banner, so thanks to everyone who voted for me, is the first award I won ever.

Shane's birthday

There's a new vid of his birthday in Ritual, Hollywood, with interviews with him and his friends. Thanks to Stacey and ÁishRay.
Watch it: Live Video.
There's also more new fan vids made by jemx2.


There's a new petition called Save the Roomies-Save the World created by theirishgirl, sign now, and spread it as much as you can.
There's also a poster of Shane from his movie "What We Do is Secret", tath will be presented in the Los Angeles Film Festival, you can watch the trailer in YouTube [Thanks to LiveJournal OhNoTheyDidnt and JD from NBC for the info].
You can find some new fan vids made by Heather, Phantom Goth [Tania] and me [Manu].

People's Bachelor of the 2007

Shane was picked as one of the Hottest Bachelors of 2007, and there's a vid of him talking about his way to relate with womens, that was recorded in his house.

Happy Birthday Shane!

The american actor celebrates today his 29th birthday, congrats for him!
I completely like him as an actor and, of course, he's so breautiful, so I hope best wishes for him on this special day.

Remember to join the Save Reela! :: The Campaign, cause I want to have our Rock Doc on ER for more than just a few episodes, and of course I want him to be happy with Neela.
For more info about the Save Reela Campaign and some graphics so support it, click HERE.

New banner of the greatest Actor/Doc/Musician on TV:


Join Save Reela! :: The Campaign, so we can have Reela next season.
There's new vids and new caps of the 13th season.


Sign up on the Reela is Love Board, admin by kAyLi_ & Kimberly, and be part of the FANART CONTEST #2.
ER is already over on the USA but is not over here [in Latin America] so we'll talk about that later [3 weeks].


New subdomain:

There's a lot of new Reela avis thanks to Heather and kAyLi_.
There's also new Reela banners made by Heather.

Vote for Parminder on the TiFaux Tournment.

Check the new Valentine's avis!

Welcome Roomies to the Reela's Media and Gallery website!

Enjoy the site and don't doubt in sending your own graphics!

If you want to ask for a custom Graphic click here.

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