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May '99

Well... not exactly gone... more sort of... absent. I haven't made any changes of any description to these pages in about two years, the last changes were just notices in the indexes, the last time I actually added content was almost three years ago. All the pages, images etc. are still there in unmodified form, so if you are interested you can check it out. But the hideous framed index (bleurg) that was here is finally gone, and the pages won't be updated.

I've had a few e-mail addresses dotted around the pages here. One was to hotmail - I've never used that account and only checked it about 4 times in my life. One was to a fidonet<->internet gateway - I used that every day, but the bbs shut down months ago, and the gateway over a year ago. One was to a school, I haven't set foot in that school in two years, and I haven't checked that account in even longer. One was to my mums work account I had access to at home - I still have vague access to that but I don't actively use it. In other words if you sent me mail chances are very high I didn't get it. If you want to mail me now I'm at - have been for two years now and probably will be for some time to come.

I am currently working on my new pages, very slowly but still more actively than previous attempts. I'll have a book review page which will be updated every time I read a book (duh), I can't really promise any other 'content' but we shall see ;) At the time of writing this I have about a dozen full reviews up, so it's probably not likely to get killed off any time soon. This site will be at as soon as I open it to the public ;)

I think that is about all.


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