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Latest news:
We now have a prototype version of our new-look site available for you to view. We ask that if you visit it, you e-mail us to tell us what you think. The new site only has episode information on it and this may have errors in it, we would like to know if you find any errors.

The new site is located at:

The ultimate, episode by episode guide to Star Trek, Star Trek - The Next Generation, Star Trek - Deep Space Nine, Star Trek - Voyager as well as the seven Star Trek movies. Complete with detailed storylines and reviews for each episode, as well as extra information you should have no problem finding exactly what you want.

Once you've had a good look at the site, let us know what you think of it by signing the Guest Book, you're way of letting us know who you are and what you think about the site. If you really want to show us how much you like this site, then vote this site for Geocities Page of the day. Thanks for you help!

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