Naval Postgraduate School
Armature Radio Club
Monterey, CA USA


Repeaters sponsored by NPSARC

2 Meter Repeater

K6LY - 146.97 (-600 KHz) PL 94.8

70 Centimeter Repeater

K6LY - 444.70 (+5 MHz) PL 123.0

23 Centimeter Repeater

K6LY - 1286.7 (-12 MHz) PL 162.2


All repeaters are located on Huckleberry Hill between Monterey and Pebble Beach California just off of Highway 68. They are accessible throughout the Peninsula and across the Monterey Bay to Santa Cruz.

Other local frequencies

ARES Emergency 145.70 Mhz
10 meter calling 28.475 Mhz
ATV simplex 147.43 Mhz

Monterey Amateur Repeater Group [ MARG ]

KM6DZ - 146.655 (-600khz) PL 94.8
KM6DZ - 443.900 (+5 Mhz) PL 123.0

Both repeaters are located on Hidden Hills near Laguna Seca Raceway. The 2 meter repeater employs 3 remote receiver sites to extend the receive range of the repeater into Salinas and north to Santa Cruz.

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