Welcome to the Sci-Fi Connections Web Ring

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The Sci-Fi Connections Web Ring
is a webring consisting of different web pages all dedicated to the
Sci-Fi Theme!

On this page you can: 
	visit a random Sci-Fi site, or 
	submit your web page for addition to the 
		Sci-Fi Connections Web Ring.

How to join the ring

Here are the steps that need to be followed to join the Sci-Fi Connections webring. Please follow them closely to preserve the integrity of the ring!

*Save a copy of the Sci-Fi Connections webring graphics you see below. (These should be added to your server).
*Add the HTML fragment to your homepage. (This will be added to an E-mail that you will recieve from the web ring when you regester below).
*Then send me ans E-mail at scifi@bigfoot.com and I will add you to the Ring.

Here are the images for the code. Please copy them to you server.
This will reduce the traffic on the internet as much as possable

Fill out the formbelow to register your site, then write down the Site ID number you are assigned.
This will put your page in the Sci-Fi Connections Web Ring 'Queue',
where it will remain until you are added to the ring.
This does not insert you in the ring; the actual insertion is done later.

Web sites that have been in the queue for more than 30 Days
with out adding the Links to there page may be removed.
This removal is automatic.

Your page's URL:
Your page's title:
Your email address:

The password allows you to later add others to the ring. Please do not forget it!
If you have any problems, e-mail scifi@bigfoot.com.

After adding Code to your page

  • Then send me E-mail and ask me to add you to the ring. Be sure to include your Site ID Number in the e-mail message. I will probably (hopefully) want to look at your page to make sure it has Sci-Fi content and make sure the Sci-Fi Connections Ring HTML fragment on your page is okay.

  • After checking out your page, I will take your Site ID Number and use it to add you to the ring. You should then receive an e-mail telling you you've been added.

  • That's it! You would then be able to navigate the entire ring until you make it back to your own page (although it may take a while).

    Well, thats it for now! Hope you enjoy the Sci-Fi Connections webring!

    Wanna start your OWN web ring?? Talk to the good people at www.webring.org!

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