Ok, here we go with my personal list of worthy motion-pictures, they can be oscar winners or b-movies and obviously they are in total random order!
And here is the list of the recently seen movies.

If you think I should add a film to this list just mail me at telling the title and why I should add it here. Remember that I have my personal tastes but I respect yours, so you should respect mine too. If you think different from me you are welcome, but please, be polite as the world is yet a pile of junk.

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Absolutely worth see:

Worth see:

Not so bad:

Below you can see my personal list of good actor/actresses, I said good, not good-looking, I'm speaking of persons that make their work well and try to improve themselves during the career. Below again pheraphs I will add a list of Good-looking actors/actresses.....

The Bloody list of good actors/actresses:

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