I like to play RPGs, and the preferred ones are:

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The first Role Playing Game I ever heard of (and started to play). I played D&D every Thursday from 1992 to 2001 and I always used the same character in the same party.

My character was a dual class Thief and starting from the first, it reached the 32nd level (Radlo, Master Thief , Merchant Prince of the Hallonica House, Hero of Karameikos, Baron of Kelven). Oh, yes I told you he was a dual class, as he also was a Darokinian 12th level Prince Merchant, just to seal the old words that say "All merchants are thieves". ^___^ )
He was a Longbow Grandmaster and also a Sword Master. After Some years he also got married with a beautiful darokinian merchant lady. To tell you the truth he married her to escape from a really ugly and stressing princess (with a 3000000 Gp dowry, but HEY, you should have seen OR heard she speaking!!! Brrrr...) Anyway he was quite pleased of his new young wife, to the point that he quit adventuring and started to trip with her on commercial routes...well, home he still managed to rule his own thieves guild a gambling-house and a few brothels.

Oh, I forgot to tell you the composition of our Party:

2 Dwarves, 1 Wizard, 1 Elf, 1 Cleric, and obviously ME, a Thief :)

But due to some problems (including a pregnant girlfriend and later a beatiful female baby) and adventures, the party became smaller:
1 Wizard, 2 Elves and 1 Thief :-P

The Party

Thief - Radlo (The Pinmaker, his arrows are unforgettable... eg. very often the last thing you will see in your life)
Elf - Balder Loschantinglon XXXVI (The troublemaker of the party... eg. Hey, a dark hole on the floor, just take a look INSIDE!)
Wizard - Uwhn (The 20d6 Fireball)
Cleric - Xenia Keltaktos (actually away)
Dwarf - Taron

A Thief memory

One of the funniest actions I remember is the killing of a kobold running away from the party in a dark forest during the night: Just pointed the Longbow, made a blind shooting and heard a death secream about 240 yards away (It was COOL to be a Longbow Grandmaster). ^_^


"The Role Playing Game of the dark future" as said on the picture of the rules book. For this game I established a little company: ACME Inc.


My preferred RPG. The location is the earth in 2050, and the environment is like in a book by William Gibson.

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