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Hello there! You have reached my little abode on the net. I suppose that you would like to find out some more about me and my life. Sad person! I should instead refer you to the official X-Files page...

Speaking of which, I want to try and start a page dedicated to real life X-Files. Only genuine articles please. Send all accounts to the e-mail address below and I will write them up on... X-Files - Unplugged!

A bit about me.. I am a 20 year old female, who is trying to plough her way through third year at Griffith University doing a Bachelor of Biomedical Science. Woo hoo! A quick run-down of my hobbies: I love to read sci-fi/fantasy (i would name some authors, but it would take so long to get even all my favourites out!); playing tennis (whenever someone who's not as slack as my flatmates will play with me!); and driving around in my Peugeot 504 - or more affectionately known near and far as the Pugette! What else? Oh, yeah. Looking around my room reminded me (duh!) that I am an avid X-Phile although I guess that some of my friends would like to contest that 'avid' part and replace it with something way too exaggerative like 'psychotic' or 'fanatical'. I would like to think otherwise...

It's not as if I froth at the mouth or anything when it is on.. if i do, it is purely coincidental. Only Joking!!!

This page is still under construction

That is my excuse for how pathetic this is!!

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