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High school - 1995

(typical lunchtimes - although we wouldn't always be standing like that!)

Front to back, left to right: Jasmine, Megan, Anna, Narelle, Me, Penny, Greer, Carley

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High school formal - 1995

Here we are again. Left to right: Narelle, Carley, Jasmine, Penny, Tim, Megan, Greer, me, Anna and Rebecca.

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The Post formal party! - 1995

Note the large Magnum bottle of champagne that I am holding!!!
L->R: Jasmine, Narelle, Anna, me, Megan and Carley

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Great Keppel Island, here we come!

We had to meet at the Ettamogah Pub for our midnight bus ride up to Great Keppel Island for Schoolies Week 95!
L->R: Me, Narelle, Penny, Anna, Jasmine

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Maria Chan and I before her formal - 1994

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