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Can you see a forever shattered?
The unchangeable has changed
And certainty is no longer the control
To which we can compare new
I want my eyes closed.
I need a new stability from which
to launch myself.
I canít run ahead if the ground
Beneath me is shaking.
The pillar which held me
has crumbled.
Why didnít you tell me the ground
I was walking on was thin ice?
Throw me a rope so that I may gain
My footing on some stronger base.
Why canít you see me drowning?
Do I have to call out for you to notice?
I am scared that if I let words out
They will be frozen and fall
Like ice cubes into your hands.
Will they make you cold so that you
Run to some place warm away from me?
Or will they let you feel my pain
So that you will want to help me.
I canít risk it.
So I will drown while you stand
Beside me,

Looking on.
Leigh Morgan 94

Lake Spirit

Like a deep lake she contemplates the breezes,
which ripple across her surface.
The where, the why, the how of every force
which touches her waters.
No wave is made without a force to push it,
Her waters are too deep for such simple blind acceptance
Only empty lakes are made of ignorance and apathy.

Who gathers more from life than the curious child?
But she is less the child, more the mother
The lake is also a source of nourishment for
those who are allowed to drink at its shores.
Forever gathering up others tears
and offering cool refreshing comfort.
She listens patiently, unobtrusively,
Then offers hope sincerely for she herself has hope.

The lake spiritís connection to the other existence
is forever changing but always strengthening.
Her spiritual strength can be seen clearly
from within her as if shining out through crystal clear melted snow.
Lake spirit, inspiring, giving and constantly contemplating.
For you I give thanks.