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Welcome to the Area51 Community Leaders Page. My name is the Maniac and I am FACL/Area51 Liaison. This site has been built by your Community Leaders to help inform you of the many things happening in FACL/Area51. Within these pages we hope to provide you with as much information as possible to help make your experience as an FACL/Area51 site owner a positive one.

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Area51 Charter

Federated Alliance of Community Leaders/Cosmic Volunteers [FACL] is currently devoted to science fiction, fantasy, and the paranormal. Astronomy and other space-related sciences may also find a home here, as may sites about Wicca, witchcraft, horror, ghosts, and almost any other related subjects. Our scope is quite broad. We, the Federated Alliance of Community Leaders [CL]/Cosmic Volunteers [CV], are first and foremost devoted helping homepage owners make their sites the best that they can be and to having fun on the world wide web. We promote a standard of conduct among our associated webpage owners and ourselves that focus on family-oriented values, non-discrimination, and friendliness. We do not promote adult or mature content. At this site, you will find the names and emails of the Community Leaders/Cosmic Volunteers as well as links to graphics and tutorials that will help you build your site. We also offer training, contests, awards, rings, help club, forums, chats, guestbook signings, site critiques, and a host of other fun things. We encourage all site owners to review our FACL Guidelines at

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