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Avacadoes gets her own spot at the top.

These are my friendly-types. Weirdness abounds.

You might know her as Amy Deal, and her hat as Ramone.Rollem, the guy with the kilt! He can bake a pie.The Amusing Paragraph of Dracy, not a typo.
My let's- run- a- mile- just- cause- we- don't- have- to person, Tricia.Geoff's Page seems to be going somewhere, finally . . . Lindsay's place! Home of the one, the only, the TECHIE HANDBOOK! Underappreciated people of the world unite!
Patrick's Page, best viewed barefoot. Come to learn about the great fruit scandal and fun things to do with your kiwi.The Official Bob The Fish Homepage. Be sure to read the Fetal Ham poem.Alas, Tails' Den is no more *sniff*
Shh! On Gillian's Page there's a picture of... don't tell.. Bobross! Yes, yes, I know, it's wonderful. Now go look.Kuno and the amazing Blue Wombat Charmy Army! Well, not really, but I had to put that in.If you haven't read the story of Boogums & Briarose, you're missing out. They're adorable.

The Rainforest Site

Race for the Rain Forest

Race for the Big Cats

The Ecology Fund


Want to save the world without leaving your computer?
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To further explore the realms of middle-earth, go here:
The Tolkien Information page

You can find out anything you ever wanted to know about Tolkien and his world.

If you've got a piece of lifetime to devote to a very awesome game and an even awesomer group of people, come play Moosehead SLED, a very nice MUD. We're going through lots of changes right now, and it is proving to be very interesting. Come on. Play. You know you want to.

Or, if you prefer the non-computer-let's-dress-up type roleplaying, try one of these places:
The New England Roleplaying Organization
The Society for Creative Anachronisms!

If a Scottish claymore or a medieval cotehardie is just what you've always wanted, go here:
Milieux's online costume sources and supplies

And you thought the only problem with McDonalds was that it is greasy. . .

In case you missed the link on the barefooting page: www.barefooters.org
(It's very important that you visit here.)

The Symposium has some cool writings by other, different, people like myself. Read especially the Island story in issue 7.

Here you may find links to some really weird and pointless things:
frolic.org: Home of the Naked Dancing Llama
Something sick and demented.. but I never really liked marshmallow bunnies, anyway..

I am a Proud Member of the Speakers for Spoons Association!

Previously known as the other Lothlorien, but now as Elfwood, it's a really awesome amateur fantasy art gallery. You might wanna take a look.