And there was The Wheel of Time, and it was good.

A bit of Art

I only have a few sketches of WOT characters, which I did because after looking at some of the others on the net I wanted to retch. So I needed to share my interepretation with everyone.

Anyway, here are my pictures. Please note that I am not claiming that I am an artist. I am not an artist at all. Not one little teeny bit.

Picture Number One: Thom Merrilin

Picture Number Two: Min!

Okay, you'e suffered through those. Now, if you'd like to see a picture by someone who is very much an artist, look at Avocado's picture of Egwene. (It's very good. Look at it. Now.)


Yeah, my page isn't very exciting. But these ones are.

If you like the picture of Egwene, here's Avacadoes' WOT page.
The White Tower

Here are some *excellent* pictures and a crapload of image links.

The WOT archive. I'm sure you've been there before.

In October 1996 I went to have A Crown of Swords booksigned in Fredericksburg, VA. It was quite an adventure. We all braided our hair and stuff and has our books signed, and then on the way home we got stuck in this huge backup and got out of out car and danced and sang. Well, sort of. The strange thing is, they pass out cards before you get to him and you have to write down what you want him to sign. It's rather odd.

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