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I am updating my website again! Yup, yet another time. Since it is a 3-day weekend (from work) I thought I would put my time to some constructive use. Though I do need to relax a little. Oh well, this page will be the first to endure my wrath so if everything looks fine on this page than my advancing in web technology will not adversely affect you. If you see a problem, let me know immediately, or if you have any questions or comments feel free to email me. No spam or junk mail, thank you!

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You might have some problems with the navigation for awhile. For awhile at least you may seem some broken links. Also I provide text links at the bottom of every page for those who turn images off.

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[ May 28, 2001 ]

Been awhile since I have updated this page. I updated this page a couple times between now and June '99. Couple drastic site re-designs but since I did not ever find the time to re-vamp all my pages, I just decided to delete those headlines. Maybe this time I will I can find the time to update my pages accordingly. Unfortunately I got quite a few, and now some are vastly different than others. If there should be any broken links or images, let me know ...it may spur me to finish this. =)

[ June 25, 1999 ]

Well I am moving everything little by little, so if you see a broken link or image please bear with me and inform me.

Let me just say that it takes a lot of time maintaining a website. Some of my pages were real hits, like the dragon page for some reason. It started out because I was bored one day, and now people are using it as reference material. A few months back a lady from the U.S. TV channel, PBS, contacted me about that page and asked me a few questions because she was doing a special on mythical creatures. So not only have I kept the dragon page, but I improved upon it drastically. And for the curious, yes I did the all research myself so that material is copyrighted and I better not see anyone stealing the information. Some of that information you will not find in books or other websites ...well you better not at least. I will keep my martial arts page because the style I am studying does not just teach the martial aspect but the culture, teachings and philosophy, as well. Even though the show is over, I am planning on keeping the Babylon 5 page as a type of archive. I already have the pages, I already made the slight modifications. Plus, I have received so many kind comments over the years about that page.

All of the changes I want to make is of course when I have the time. I am doing web designs for a couple companies right now, so I will have to put a hold on my website for now.


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