As many of you probably know, WhiteWolf has decided to stop publishing (at least for now) any further books in the Wraith: the Oblivion line. In other words, it's up to the players of Wraith to produce any new material, as well as to save what has gone before. The Ends of Empire has brought a major story-arc of Wraith to a close, but that does not mean that we shouldn't play on. If you want, read my personal musings on the cessation of Wraith publishing.

Thinking of taking your site off-line? If you've put up any Wraith material that you expect to be taking offline for one reason or another please let me know. I'm not using anywhere near the amount of space that I have on this site and would much prefer to create a static mirror of what you've done (with full credit to you) than let it fall to Oblivion. I am also especially interested in finding sites that contain post Ends of Empire player created material.

Because I'm interested in preserving as much Wraith material as possible, I have used very little editorial discretion in selecting the sites/pages to include in this list. Chances are that I'll add a marker for sites that I think are exceptionally good at a later time. One thing I have done at this point is to limit my listings to English language sites, although again I hope to change this in the future, and another is that I've given descriptive titles to some pages to help differentiate all the ones just called "Wraith", etc.

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Bork's Wraith Page Expansions on the Legions, Renegade factions, and Heretic sects, as well as other new material and a good links list (which I will be raiding mercilessly to create this one).
W:tO: Hub Contains an essay on the nature of Wraiths and their place in the life-cycle as a tie-in to Mage
The Great Minds Archive: W:tO Contains a character sheet for John Harker (Dracula) and a sub-faction sketch of The Collectors, a group of Wraiths which make certain that people who should die do so.
Drakken's WhiteWolf Stuff: Wraith A new look at Dark Passions and a new kind of Wraith, The Lost.
PLASM: The Marc Peter's Wraith Page At last glance there were too many broken image link to be readable, but this has been a great source for material in the past. Please let me know if you have this site mirrored!
The Storytime Project Two stories set in the world of Wraith, from members of wrait-l mailing list.
Just a Damn Wraith's Haunt Link to v1.3 of the FAQ for the W:tO mailing list and the Wraith-l t-shirt
Wrathful & Melancholy Brief essays and thoughts on Wraith.
littlegaia's Wraith page It looks like this page never quite got off the ground. Some role-playing hints for the arcanoi, info on spectres & Stygia.
Wraith: the Great War Resources Great background info for a W:tGW chronicle
A Quick Guide to the Shadowlands (for Mages) TSIA (title says it all)
Lothayn's Wraith Page Tidbits on the arcanoi, guilds, etc.
BJ Zanzibar's Wraith Archive Everything that BJ archives well.
The Ashes of Stygia by Heather Grove An essay on using Stygia as a setting for your Wraith game, originally published in Ex Libris Nocturnis.
Atlanta Under Seige Info on a chronicle set in Atlanta, centered around the Little Five Points area.
Shadow of Dallas Background info for a newsgroup based game.
Far Shore: Niflheim & Necropolis: Memphis Created by KAGS.
Nocturne: the Forgotten Haunt aka Necropolis: Hazelton
Necropolis: HoL Wraith meets HoL (Human Occupied Landfill, a Black Dog product). In Color. "The contents of this work do not make sense. Not at all. If you read this and think to yourself 'Wow. What a concise piece of writing...' Seek help immediately." -Derek Meister (author)
Necropolis: Los Angeles Background and rules for Wraiths from the LA Camarilla chapter.
Mictlan: the Land of the Dead Setting info for Wraith in the land of the Aztecs.
The Necropolis Chronicles Background for a huge Crossover setting.
Necropolis: New York The background and story archive site for an IRC Wraith game.
Wraith in the Pacific Northwest Camarilla Wraith info the the PNW Camarilla chapter
Wraith: Chronicles of the Spirit World aka Necropolis Santa Cruz.
Wraith in Seattle Wraith info for the World of Darkness: Seattle Chat room gaming. Appears to be active.
Links Lists
Necropolis: Into Oblivion The page for a now (saddly) defunct MU*. Links list and info about the MU*.
The Quick & the Dead: Brainstormin' Links Sources for RL Ghosthunting sites.
A Passion for Passions by Heather Grove An article on the variety of Passions (originally published in Ex Libris Nocturnis).