The Shrine welcomes one and all to the Cult of Bruce.

What is the Cult of Bruce, you may ask? It is just that--a cult on the internet dedicated to Bruce Campbell formed of webmasters who maintain Bruce-related pages. Members of the Cult also belong to the Cult of Bruce webring. Yet, the Cult is much more than just a webring. It is a group of people who take the utmost pride in their work, and their dedication to Bruce.

To join the Cult of Bruce, you need to follow these steps:

1)Put the Cult of Bruce Webring logo on your site using the following html code and picture:

<TT> <center> <a href=""><img src="cultofbruce.jpg" border=0 ALT="The Cult of Bruce" border=0></a> <p>

<font color=blue> |<A HREF="****&ring=cultofbruce&next"> Next site </A>|<A HREF="****&ring=cultofbruce&next5"> Next Five Sites </A>|<A HREF="****&ring=cultofbruce&random"> Random Site </A>| </font> </center> </tt>

Once inserted correctly, it should look like this:

The Cult of Bruce

| Next site | Next Five Sites | Random Site |

2) Now you need to click on this link to submit your site to the Cult Queque

3)With that done, in a few days you should gain entrance into the cult. At that time, you need to take your ring id number and place it into your html code you inserted on your page.

For example, if you were site number 8, you would go to the html code you inserted, and everywhere it says

id=****&ring= blah blah blah blah

you would replace **** with your site number, thus making it:

id=8&ring= blah blah blah blah

As you can tell in the above code, there are three places to do this at.