About the Tree!

Q: This site used to be Lady Paladin's Home Page, right? What happened to it?
A: Lady Paladin went through quite an ordeal last year. Her hard drive died in late August of 1998, and she never recovered from the loss. So, I have taken the page over in her stead. Hopefully I can do a much better job than HER.

Q: Hey, what happened to the Terra pages and Prequel stuff?
A: "Delete."

Q: Why is there no guestbook?
A: Because there are too many idiots online who flame guestbooks. ^-^

Q: I saw FFIV CD artwork in your gallery! Where can I buy that CD?! Please help me!
A: Well, first of all, don't buy it off of eBay -- you'll get ripped off with the price. Go to the Links page and see the game soundtrack vendors there. And if you are sensitive about buying "gray market" CDs (i.e. Square gets no profit off of it), don't buy SM products. SM has the same quality as the real Japanese stuff, though, and is cheaper.

Q: How do I contact Lady Besu?
A: Um... I dunno why you would want to contact me... o.o I am pretty bad about replying to mail even when I check it daily, and now that I am at school I will only be able to check it on weekends. If you are really desparate, mail me at lady_paladin@oocities.com. I took over the addy from the former maintainer.

Q: I had a favorite Square page years ago, Cato's Page of Squaresoft Glee. Is this page connected to that?
A: Ah... sort of. That Cato is my fiance. ^^ The tree that is made reference to in the title of my page is from our Tree in #ffml. *^-^* We occupy ourselves by dancing to the music of Journey while up in the branches of out tree.

Dance with me, my sweet!

Friday, August 20, 1999

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