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The Final Fantasy Mailing List is an magnificent blend of Final Fantasy and RPGs, perversion, flame wars, and friendship. There is nothing quite like it on or offline, and hopefuly there never will be. The list has been around since fall of 1996, and there are still a few of the original members subscribed. The number of posts fluctuates from day to day, the average range being 25-80 daily. If a war or hot topic explodes on the list, there can even be 200-300 a day (that only happens a few times a year, though!).

Want to give the FFML a shot? Drop by here to subscribe. OneList offers a regular mailing list version (you recieve each post) and a digest version (usually about 20 posts compiled into one email). If you want to just try out FFML, I would reccomend the digest version, though it is awkward to reply to posts in that format.

One of the most distinct features of the list is the incredible diversity among its members. There are best friends, bitter enemies, high authorities in the galaxy, and worshipped icons... you name it, FFML has it. If you would like to learn more about the people on the list, there are two links you can follow:
This is the new official home page for the list.

The FFML Bio page
The bios of many members of the list... yep, mine is included. Look for LadyCato.

If you are on IRC Dalnet, many of us also meet in #ffml. Warning if you are a minor, though... sometimes the content can be very graphic. Orgies do occur on occasion, and you may very well be offended. It is still a great group of people, though, and part of the FFML experience. ^_^

Here are the home pages of some GREAT members of the FFML *huggles them all*:

The Jaanaverse

Shinryuu's Lair


The Lair of Kaitlin

The World of Final Fantasy

Mataya's Squaresoft Library

Adam Thomas's Page

The Webcenter

Nabiki's Home Page

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