Hello And Thank You For Coming To My Page Please Feel Free To Browse Around And Please Tell Us Who You Are So I Can Thank You For Coming!!

Lisa - 11/28/00 02:06:31
My URL:http://www.crosswinds.net/~lisasuza
My Email:lisasuza@crosswinds.net

Hi Jeff, Found you while lurking through the PowWow White Pages...this is a beautiful site! I love your backgrounds. Have a great day!

Jan and Jon - 10/02/00 16:20:10
My URL:http://mypage.goplay.com/Tpneer2
My Email:Tpneer2@goplay.com

Hey there Jeff.....see we have signed you guestbook!! You had better sign ours now!! Very nice work on your page. Going to look at your wife's next. Very nice page have enjoyed it so far.

Larry Cardino - 02/08/00 03:24:56
My Email:funfam@enter.net

Hello Jeff, It was nice to meet Deb and Natalie. I apprecaited the favor and don't be surprised if I call for another soon. I am not sure if you are back on line but if you are let me know. Peace.

Gina Jo - 10/12/99 15:24:13

Hello Jeff and Deb...I just wanted to see how your page was coming along. Its been ages.... I hope everyone is well in PA. Hope you don't mind me going to your page Jeff. Its looking great. You do really great work. Deb going to check out yours now. You a l have a fantastic Halloween.

Ferocis - 08/03/99 20:51:25
My URL:http://ferocis/cjb.net
My Email:ferocis@trinimail.net


Great pictures Lantern Man!

It was a real pleasure looking

through your pages. I hope you

can check out my page and tell

me what you think of my stuff.

I will definitely return to see

when you are finished!

God bless.



Suzy - 07/11/99 03:07:47
My Email:s_redhead62@hotmail.com

found you through the white pages and was checking out people from PA seen you have a homepage so decided to take a look, you do nice work, I dont have that much computer knowledge, but you are a ok cause you are an Earnhardt fan, met him twice, great guy .. I live in Central PA getting ready to move to altoona middle of August. my ICQ # is 26597072. Take care and maybe I will talk to you on ICQ sometime...Suzy

Robert - 07/10/99 01:35:00
My URL:http://members.aol.com/siggrad1
My Email:Siggrad1@aol.com

I love the graphics! Congrats on the award! If it's ok with you, I will add your link to my page... Good luck and God Bless. Rob

Mac - 03/31/99 10:42:43
My URL:http://www.airnet.net/mcentire/index.html
My Email:macs_place59@hotmail.com

Wow! well jeff you have a great site here and a very nice family. Keep up the hard work your doing great!

Tammy Ginger-Riquelme - 03/23/99 07:24:35
My URL:http://www.oocities.org/Paris/Cafe/1393
My Email:tazzy@gibralter.net

Wooooohhhhhhoooooo lookie the changes you have made!!! Most excellent work, my friend...*HUGZ* Can I vote you for the slowest loading pages, as well??? *snicker* Keep up the good work and good luck in the voting...you got my vote!!!

Bob Maples, Sr - 03/16/99 03:14:12
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Hi !,
I found your Home Page while I was surfing around the Internet.
I have started an On-Line Bookstore
I am a 60 year old Senior Citizen, and recently had a stroke
So I am home a lot. I am happy to exchange E-Mail with you

If you would swap links with me, I would greatly Appreciate
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If you are interested, here is mine and if you will E-Mail
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Please put my Banner and Link on your page.

Thanks Very Much!
Bob Maples.

Turnex KOP#21 - 02/28/99 16:04:53
My Email:rodkay@rodkay.demon.co.uk

Great page Lantern, its always good to visit the home of a fellow knight ! I shall return to see how you get on with the Java !! When you reach java despair remember my motto " That which does not kill us makes us stronger "

dragon Master - 01/23/99 15:14:03
My URL:http://www.thumb.net/~betts
My Email:betts@thumb.net

Great site enjoyed my stay, I shall return for further viewing, found you through the PowWow Web Ring

"Dragon Master"

- 01/02/99 05:38:42
Location: USA

Hello, Happy New Year! Nice GuestBook! If your in the need for internet access, please stop by and get UNLIMITED INTERNET ACCESS for JUST $13.95/mo!

Mimi aka Ravyn - 12/08/98 19:09:18
My URL:http://www.neumedia.net/~mimi
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I had fun snooping around your homepage here. I like your background on index page a good deal...take care and Merry Christmas....

Robert (Rob) Wheary - 12/06/98 06:27:10
My Email:Siggrad1@aol.com

Jeff, Finally got to visit your web site. I have to say "Very creative!" I LOVE the graphics and the song!! May I have your permission to download?(Strictly for personal use...only on my desktop as wall paper...) I would greately appreciate it. Thanks. Your Friend, Rob

10/14/98 09:53:51
Name: Bad Bunny My URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me

Just surfing. Thanks.

~*Flower*Girl*~ - 10/07/98 04:14:54
My URL:http://www.oocities.org/Paris/Lights/7266/
My Email:prettyflowergirl@hotmail.com

very nice page!!!!I think it's really cool....and so are you!!!!!

Christine - 08/18/98 14:48:53
My URL:http://www.ascendant.net/cck

Thanks for stopping by to visit my site. I enjoyed your family pics and all the artwork on your pages. Good work!

Mys-tery - 08/05/98 01:21:20
My URL:http://www.oocities.org/SoHo/Gallery/9854
My Email:Sorry, it's a secret!!

You have a very nice site. I loved all the pictures. Thanks for signing my guestbook also.

- 07/25/98 05:29:41


Janet Fischer - 07/06/98 11:46:18
My URL:http://members.tripod.com/~Janet_Fischer/index-2.html
My Email:bubilou@bellsouth.net

I liked your site...It was one of the best that I have seen.....thank you for signing my guest book

Kara Townsend - 07/01/98 19:27:52
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Hi! I was surfing through GeoCities and saw your page. Pretty Cool! My name is Kara. I am 24 years old and live in San Diego, CA. I have been teaching myself HTML for the last several months. Please visit my site, Kara s dynamicSex and tell me what you think of it. I will be adding pictures of myself within the next couple days. I would love to exchange links with you!

Thunderrose - 06/19/98 02:46:07
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My Email:twells@ne.infi.net


I really enjoyed my stay!! Great page you have going here! Surfed in on Guest Book Surfer! Will stop by later to see what's new! Keep up the good work! Come by and see me sometime!

SummerBreeze - 06/12/98 01:26:47
My Email:debi@istar.ca

Love the graphics Jeff! I'll check back often to see what you have been up to. And thanks for all of your help with my special page too! *S*

debbie - 05/26/98 02:18:28
My URL:http://debbie.home.ml.org
My Email:debbieis@hotmail.com

Really nice page you have! Was great chatting with you in Powwow! See ya later! Debbie!

Cyrano - 05/25/98 22:34:24
My URL:http://gotta.be.me.com
My Email:me@outerspace.univ

Great page dude...Maybe someday I'll get as creative. *S*

scott - 05/10/98 14:01:36

Hey man!! Like what you have done with the place!!! LOL loaded a lot quicker!!! You da man!!!! catch ya later!!

Cupcake - 04/22/98 21:20:16
My URL:http://www.oocities.org/TheTropics/Shores/6360/
My Email:dcheek1@yahoo.com

Well Jeff I finally made it here to sign your guestbook & I'm glad I did!...Boy you have been working hard on this page! Looks great! I love the graphics on it also. Check mine out I've been working on mine also! Wait til you see what I have added to mine ..*wink*..seeya later on pow!

Debbie....too!!!! - 04/11/98 22:38:37
My URL:http://www.oocities.org/Heartland/Valley/5118/index.html
My Email:deider@ncentral.com

I love your page Jeff.......I am going through the other links now.....Your kids are so beautiful... I really had a ball talking to Deb last night.... You guys are pretty cool.......Thanks for coming to look at my web page...and for taking the time to sign my guestbook....most people don't take the time to sign guestbooks.......Talk to ya soon...

scott - 04/06/98 00:06:40
My URL:http://ww.oocities.com/motorcity/speedway/5863/
My Email:sectar@turbont.net

Jeff.. great page man!!! Very nice family you have!! Thanks for ALL the homepage help!!!! YOU DA MAN

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