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  • Druids Of Mystara

  • Cowen Cove

  • High Legion Clan

  • Groves

  • The Shadow Circle

  • Rituals

  • SavageCoast

  • Shadow-Elves

  • Spells

    History of Valimas (still under construction)

    Ancient History on Cowen Cove (also being consrtructed)

    "Greetings, I am Valimas ShadowStar, Great Druid of Karamekios. I am Shadow Elf, I am from the City of Stars and was quickly abandoned when they found out I was Human. The Shamans left me at an entrance to the overworld (A cave) to die. After some time a band of druids on a daily nature walk heard my crying and took me to Gelwen Grove (Which was my home for many years) and raised me as a druid. Although I was treated different then all the other druids (because of my light blue skin, White Hair, and pointed ears. which is my Shadow-elf appearence) I still considered it home. Unlike the rest of the druids on Mystara I was never a Balancer, I gained powers of a druid when I first started practicing the Arcane arts. I gained powers and spells more quickly then any other balancer of my same rank. I am the only known druid in the year AC 1006 who was never a balancer. As time went on I trained more often and was more willing to leave the grove. When that day came my life began to start".

  • Druids of Mystara

    - In Mystara some druids are considered balancers, which are clerics that upon reaching 9th level have the choice to chose to become a druid or to stay a Balancer. They can be Lawful Neutral, True Neutral, or Chaotic Neutral. In the past few years in Mystara more AD&D Druids not Balencers have be appearing more often. I have several in my Grove

  • Cowen Cove

    - Cowen Cove (Coe-wen) is my new home, I am now Great Druid of Karamekios, I need three 11th-level initiates of the 9th circle to attend me. So if you wish to attend please say so in my Guestbook. There are openings for druids of all levels from 12 and under. 15 or higher I am sorry, but I can't let you in because I would have to look up to you. Any 13th level you would have to challenge me, but if you don't challenge me you are welcome to stay at my Grove. I have 5 PC druids in my Grove so far the rest of them are NPCs. So if you are a druid and you want to join a grove please sign my Guestbook.

  • The High Legion Clan

    - The High Legion is a group of Good PCs looking to fight evil PCs, so if you have an Evil Clan please tell us we are looking for a new enemy. For more info on the High Legion look to Links. Ashtar is the leader of our clan. Ashtar is also the most powerful of the group mostly of his highly magical sword and his Grand Mastery of the Bastard Sword. Although me and him know that we aren't as powerful as we thought do to a Crazy DM and his version of a pit fiend. Although I act independent most of the time I do enjoy the company of other High Legion members....Well atleast everyone but BlueBeard Nickus is the annoying gnome of the group. He makes all kinds of inventions and half of them don't even work, but he is a loyal and trust worthy friend. BlueBeard is pretty funny to hang around with because of his drunkness, but he is untrust worthy and mostly can't...won't be a good friend. He is a trigger happy moron. Moredhel is also fun to be around because of his personality. He is young (well atleast for an elf) and full of mischief, but when called for he will be loyal. oh yes and how can I forget about Cantrip. Cantrip is also a Mischeif person like Moredhel, except Cantrip tends to play small pranks on people. Of course none of them are harmful..well some of them aren't. Other than that I don't know him that well. Last thing about the High Legion, if the High Legion is on your side there is a pretty good chance you'll win. Thats about it for the High Legion. For complete information of the High Legion click on The High Legion or go to Links.

  • Groves

    - All Groves have special powers (well atleast most of them do). Cowen Cove has three powers which will be explained later. Some Groves have lesser powers, Greater Power, Sacred Stones, or something special that the DM creates. In order for a Grove to be magical something very rare had to have happened there, like a visit from a Deity, the birth of a unicorn, or a dryad or nymph's long-time residence in the grove.(Look to page 112 of TSR's Complete Druid's Handbook for more details). Like I said Cowen Cove has several powers because of a birth of a unicorn. Those powers are a Scying Pool, Know Alignment by Aura, Peaceful Stones, and a a "Warp Stone is under construction" (A warp stone is a stone that will warp you from one warp stone to another anywhere in the world where another warp stone is placed).

  • The Shadow Circle

    - The Shadow Circle is a secretly organized group of Evil Druids. Not all the druids in Shadow Circle are evil, but any druid in the Shadow Circle leans to the evil side more than being balanced. I was once captured by the Shadow Circle and nearly burned at Stake, luckly for me I had money and a near by theif got me out. Once I was loose I basically destroyed that particular meeting site and killed at least 7 of them. Therefore I am now Wanted! by every single one of them in most of Mystara. If there are any druids that belong to the Shadow Circle out there please write in my Guestbook or E-mail me like I said earlier We're looking for enemys.

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