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All druids must go through a number of rituals which are required for level anvancement. If you are a druid you know that at 11th level you must battle a 12th level, and when your ready for 13 you battle a 13th level and so on. If you are a druid and wish to battle me or someone in my Grove please write in the Guestbook and I'll give you the when, and where.


SavageCoast is a cursed place on Mystara because of Red Steel. For more info on SavageCoast I have placed the The SavageCoast Campaign Book. If you haven't downloaded this at Estlor's page or any other page please download it here. If you like Mystara Campaign settings you'll love SavageCoast.


Shadow-Elves are ONLY found on Mystara. They are also not Drow. They have tall pointy ears, slanted eyes, white hair, and pail blue skin. Even on Mystara there aren't that many. If you want to know more about them then you can download The Complete Shadow-Elves Dungeon Master's Guide and The Complete Shadow-Elves Player's HandBookEnjoy!


Click Here! for New Spells. There is only three at the time. Hey I'm doing my best! Hope you like it.

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    If you do play AD&D, here is a place where you can chat with others alike without IRC, but I strongly believe downloading the Pirch IRC software is better, but if you'd rather play on the Web be my guest.AD&D Internet Chat


  • World of Mystara: The High Legion ClanThis is a page entirly based on the High Legion Clan.
  • Estlor's Mystara Page This a probably one of the coolest pages about Mystara.
  • Gnomes of Mystara Follow the Frog to Nickus' Hut
  • Qubrak Shata's AD&D page! This is good page about AD&D.
  • Geocities HomePage This is Geocities HomePage
  • Lucin's Goods This page is brand new and is where you can buy items and goods for cheap prices...Yeah right! Anyway its a good starting page
  • Cantrip's Chaotic Page If you want links this is the place to go.

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