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Morgan Weisser is the actor playing Nathan West in the science-fiction and war-drama tv series "Space: Above and Beyond".
On MWDG-l, the Morgan Weisser mailinglist, you can discuss all subjects related to Morgan Weisser. Also mails concerning general Space: Above and Beyond mails are very welcome. The people currently on the list find the list very sociable and the number of mails every day isn't too high.
MWDG-l is a very young list, since it's started at September 10th, 1997. In the test phase, everything went well and so the list is now officially accessible to everyone willing to talk about Morgan and Space: Above and Beyond.
Joining MWDG-l is very easy, when you click on the link below, you can fill in a form and just submit it, that's all. Within a week (probably sooner) your application will be processed and you'll receive a confirmation from the listserver with most of the information needed. Besides that, you'll receive a mail with the list rules.

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