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Ranger Squadron

And weeeeee're back!

Note the change in the pic, kiddo, 'cuz Ranger Squadron has just undergone major refurbishment. ut with the old, and in with the new. Rebel Command has just supplied us with the brand-spankin' new B-wing Heavy Starfighter!

Oh, yeah, we flew Y-wings. Once. But the X-Wing vs TIE Fighter: Balance of Power expansion set has changed all that, with the introduction of the awesome B-wing. Why the change? 'cuz, sacrilegeous as it may sound, the Rebel Alliance needs the best it's got to defeat the tyrannical Galactic Empire. And it can not be doubted that the B-wing is far more superior to the old Y-wing. (And it attracts more pilots, too!)

And who are WE? We're Ranger Squadron, a battle-weary bmber squadron once assigned to the FGN, but has now defected to the new Galactic Armed Forces, and is also the Rebel forces' first and thus far ONLY bomber squadron. Sure, the others' got the fancy X- and A-wings, but keep in mind that it is the bombers who take the capital ships out of the ring. And X-wings can't do that.

But enough talk! We're still pretty fresh, and we need YOU! Think yu can handle the heat? Then go here for more information.

Ranger Squadron: The History
B-wing: The Specs
The Ranger Chronicles

We're Under Construction!

Hang on, folks. This page is undergoing MAJOR refurbishment. We'll be back soon, with a new layout, new pilots, a new roster, and a brand, spankin' new ship! Oh, yeah! We're recruiting, just that school is a big bugger on my free time, so the development of this webpage is pretty slow. Sorry about that. Anyway, I do have time to put this page up. Please visit it if you are interested in joining. If you wish to join our squadron, please e-mail Captain Derringer