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Ranger Squadron

The History

The Beginning

The Liberty fleet. Pride of the Rebellion. Ranger Squadron, both sneered and respected for choosing to fly the Y-wing, a.k.a the Wallowing Pig.

But there are other stories behind the Y-wing...a lesson to teach us all.....


An assault on an Imperial munitions plant almost went awry. The Rangers were to fly and fire onto a Golan III platform, so that B-wing Gray could move in and disable the munitions factory.

However, a sneak TIE fighter attack was launched, and the sixteen Rangers were trapped. In the end, Ranger Squadrn, 4th Flight, was the only survivor. It was agreed that Lieutenant Jeffrey "Derringer" Quah continue the bombing run, while the rest covered him. The plan worked, but out of the entire squadron, two survived. And Ranger Eight had died, the bacta tanks failing to sustain him.

Calm Before the Storm

Derringer was awarded the Flying Cross for his victory at the almost-disastrous Dortrax system, and promoted to Captain, and the long, hard duty of rebuilding Ranger Squadron was handed to him. Recruits were numerous then, and the task was made easy, and the captain was blessed witht he gifts of men, like his XO, Mad Hatter, and the tactical officer, Jupiter, as well as many, many more.

They sooon moved on to be one of the most valuable squadrons Liberty had. Stationed onboard the carrier Dray, under the command of one Captain Darren "Breathless" Takemoto, the Rangers scored victory after victory, taking and bagging more capital ships than the old Ranger Squadron. Amidst very light casualties, Y-wing: Ranger Squadron, was at the top.

Beyond Repair

An attack was staged on an Imperial shipyard. If the attack succeeds, it would give the Alliance a much-needed boost in ships and firepower. Ranger Squadron was to disable the frigates Osprey and Corellia, and the Interdictor Sentinel. The lack of staff in these ships would make things all the more easier for the marines.

And so, when the fleet jumped out, no one expected to face the full wrath of an Imperial flotilla.

As ships after ship burned, Breathless, the ranking survivor, ordered a full retreat. As he jumped away, Derringer could still hear the insane laughter of the traitor....


Casualties: Eight squadrons, two frigates, and one MC80 Mon Calamari cruiser.

Derringer was struck once more by Death once more, being the sole survivor of the battered squadron. A tortured man now, he left the cckpit, and spent his time doing other tasks, including guerilla and flight control. He then retired, becoming a flight instructor.

However, he received the unnerving call to duty, and is pulled out of retirement. He reluctantly complies, but the temptation to return to the cockpit is far to great for any pilot to resist. He rejoins, and is given the task f rebuilding the squadrn from scratch once more, this time with the new Legend fleet.

The battle continues once more. Unfortunately.