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Agarash the Damned

The Agarashi

Appearance upon Magnamund

Defeat of Nyxator

The Age of the Eternal Night

The One Thousand Year War

Destruction by Elder Magi

Dealings with Shasarak

Shom'zaa of the Blood Mountain

The Doomlands of Naaros

Deathlord of Ixia

The Doomstones of Agarash

The Runes of Agarash

The Danarg and Mordril


Lord Vandyan and the Rune War

Warlord Magnaarn and the Darke Crusade

Zorkaan the Soultaker

The Legacy of Agarash

The Skull of Agarash

The Claw of Naar

Autarch Sejanoz of Bhanar