Chlanzor, Lord of Gazad Helkona

Appears in: The Dungeons of Torgar, Trail of the Wolf

The rotund Darklord Chlanzor ruled the foul city-fortress of Gazad Helkona, located near the Drakkarim lands of Skaror and Ghatan and situated in the middle of the petrified forest of Helkona, from which the city gets its name. Helkona, in Giak, means "blackwood", and Gazad Helkona translates roughly to "Stronghold of the Blackwood". Darklord Chlanzor's emblem was that of a spider crawling across a blazing sun.

Chlanzor ruled Gazad Helkona for all of its existence, unchallenged by other Darklords. Gazad Helkona is rather remote, the nearest non-Drakkar city-fortress being Mozgoar to the west. Even so, Chlanzor was on good terms with Darklord Kraagenskul of distant Helgedad (Kraagenskul would later become Lord of Argazad). A great battle was fought between the allied armies of Bor, Talestria, and Palmyrion against the Darkland Giak army at the wastelands of Zuttezna. A Giak army led by Darklord Chlanzor had been sent from Gazad Helkona to rendezvous with another led by Kraagenskul, in order to intercept the allied army that was sweeping towards Torgar. Though soundly defeated and sent back to Cragmantle to recover, the Darkland army had scored their own victory: heavy losses had been sustained by the allies who were intent on storming Torgar, and Darklord Gnaag was amassing armies at Tanoz and Mozgoar.

Eventually Darklord Gnaag was successful in expelling the allied army from besieged Torgar, using forces from the Darkland cities of Tanoz, Nadgazad, and Mozgoar-at this time Chlanzor's defeated army was still recovering at Cragmantle. This continued the massive war under which Darklord Chlanzor and all other Darklords would unite to march against all of Magnamund. After Chlanzor died, his broken and defeated army returned to Gazad Helkona, where there was notably less internal struggle than in the other Darkland cities like Nadgazad, Akagazad, Kaag and Gournen. Eventually Naar's agent, the necromancer Xaol, took control of the city fortress and imprisoned not only the Kai Supreme Master Lone Wolf but also the powerful demon Zorkaan the Soultaker.