Ghurch, Lord of Ghargon

Appears in: Does not appear

Darklord Ghurch was the lord of Ghargon. He was as tall as Gnaag, his entire body spoke of strength, his colossal head was made to seem even larger than it was by his mane of coarse orange hair. His face was a sickly orange colour; in it his eyes burnt a malevolent blue and treble rows of startingly white teeth filled a lamprey-like mouth. Down both the front and back of his body ran a wall of sharp, bony spikes; the wall on the rear continued along the back of his tree-like tail, although not the most intelligent of the Darklords, Ghurch was possesesed of a considerable animal wit. He and Unc were contenders for the title of Archlord following the death of Haakon, he was killed by Gnaag, in his bid for power.

Death of a Darklord (well, actually two...)