Gnaag, Lord of Mozgoar, Archlord of the Darklands

Appears in: Jungle of Horrors, Cauldron of Fear, Dungeons of Torgar, Masters of Darkness

Darklord Gnaag of Mozgoar was one of the greatest Darklords of all time. His reign as Archlord almost led to the Darklords' victory over all of Northern Magnamund; the manner in how he achieved power was even more impressive.

Gnaag was one of the most intelligent Masters of Darkness. Throughout the many civil wars of Helgedad he orchestrated the background characters-whilst heavy hitters like Darklord Haakon and Slutar waged war upon each other for the throne of Archlord, Gnaag bided his time and awaited the opportunity to seize the throne of the Darklands.

Darklord Gnaag was originally lord of Mozgoar, a Darkland city-fortress to the west of Gazad Helkona. Mozgoar's position is very strategic-four Drakkarim nations border it, along with their capitals of Torgar, Tanoz, Cragmantle, and Blackshroud. Gnaag could easily exercise his influence over nearby populations.

During the first wars of Helgedad Darklord Gnaag, like the other eighteen Darklords, fought for the throne but quickly lost when Zagarna returned with the Doomstones. During the second civil war following Archlord Zagarna's death Darklord Gnaag kept a low profile, waiting for either Darklord Slutar or Darklord Haakon to win the throne. But it was after Darklord Haakon was killed that Gnaag's covert operations were revealed.

Gnaag had secretly received the aid of most of the Nadziranim of other Darklords. With such magical power backing him, his strength increased. Gnaag even chose to walk to Helgedad, deceiving the other Darklords that he was too poor to even hire a Zlanbeast. Darklord Haakon viewed Darklord Gnaag and Darklord Nhorg as the weakest Darklords at this time.

When Darklord Ghurch attempted to become the Archlord, Darklord Unc of Aarnak immediately opposed him. Gnaag made sure that the two powerful lords fought each other, weakening both sides. The Lord of Mozgoar then made sure to eliminate as much potential competition as possible by convincing the remaining Darklords to abandon their own claims and instead give their support to one Darklord in an "election". Darklord Slutar, Unc, Ghurch, and Gnaag were the candidates, with Ghurch receiving the backing of the seven Lords of Helgedad and Unc receiving the support of all other Darklords.

Gnaag's intention was to incite a civil war, then stop it at the last possible moment, to demonstrate his capability for rule. With the rivalry between the two powerful contenders Unc and Ghurch, and the fact that Darklord Slutar, whilst popular, was a pariah among the Darklords, Darklord Gnaag found it easy to seize the throne of the Darklands. He quickly became the fourth Archlord-but not before killing both Ghurch and Unc with the power of the Nadziranim.

Darklord Gnaag had a horrifying form. His body was twisted and convoluted with all sorts of organs, exposed without an overlying skin. Darklord Gnaag's head was that of a giant fly, with a row of sharp teeth. Gnaag's emblem was that of a snake's skull, fanged, and surrounded by a ring of fire. Darklord Gnaag's main weapon was his magical sword Nadazgada, or Dark Burn. Nadazgada was forged of black steel in Helgedad and imbued with magical spells by the Nadziranim.

Gnaag's Combat Status:

Combat Skill: 50/Endurance: 70

Masters of Darkness, Book 12 Magnakai

Before combat, Gnaag summons a Mind Reaper. You must possess Helshezag, the Dagger of Vashna, or the Sommerswerd when in combat with him. Gnaag is armed with his sword Nadazgada.