THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF 28 LONE WOLF ENEMIES aka "Hall of Fame for the Villains" v. 0.0 Welcome to the beta version of the Encyclopedia! Here is a cache of information about the twenty Darklords, seven Shadakine Wytches, and single Deathlord, twenty eight of the most vile and despicable Lone Wolf and Grey Star enemies. If this is met with popular response, I will continue adding more entries and components to the encyclopedia. Please email me immediately if you have any information on any of the entries, and definitely if you see an error or something you think needs to be clarified. All responses will be deeply appreciated!

How to use this: The Encyclopedia is like a smaller FAQ. It is divided into four sections: one is this overview, which you are reading, one is for the Darklords of Helgedad, one is for the Wytches of Shadaki, and one is for the Deathlord of Ixia (eventually it may be expanded to include all of Agarash the Damned's minions and himself as well). In each of the three character components are huge entries on everything relevant as well as dictionary definitions and background histories, and lists. The Darklord section has for example definitions for several terms including Darklord, Archlord, as well as a background on the Darklords themselves and a history of their activities. I am trying to make this as thorough as possible, so please email me immediately any information you have to: Thank you very much!

The "Appears in" lists all books the particular character has either made an appearance in or has been referred to. Note that whilst information from the Legends series is presented here, they are ignored in the "Appears in" section. Therefore, characters like Unc and Ghurch will have a "Appears in: Does not appear" below them (The Magnamund Companion and Skull of Agarash are also disregarded). Also, the "Appears in" will only be notated if the character in question is referenced in only one or two books-major characters like Vashna and Zagarna will only have listings of books in which they are referenced repeatedly and in a major way.

In the Encyclopedia itself the name of the particular Darklord, Wytch, or Deathlord is at the top of the relevant entry, followed by any titles the character holds. For example, Darklord Zagarna’s titling is "Zagarna, Lord of Kaag, Archlord of the Darklands". All Darklords follow the order of "name, lord of * (city), status in Darklands (if any)." For example, Darklord Menashga, the ruler of the city Nadgazad, gets "Menashga, Lord of Nadgazad".

A Shadakine Wytch receives a titling of "Mother * (name) of * (city)". For example, the Wytch Niya’s titling is "Mother Niya of Karnali." As there is only one Deathlord, no explanation is needed. In the future, if any new characters with potentially confusing nomens are added, they will be explained in an addition to this section.

Also, if the character is directly fought in the gamebooks, its combat status is shown (unwounded or unaffected statistics, if possible). As an additional tidbit, I have also included the major settlements of Shadaki and Darkland.

At the end is a small listing of books if you have a taste for a particular character(s). Note that I do not include either US or UK Legends series books in the listing, though a great deal of the information in the entries are from these books. This is done by necessity, not laxity.

One warning, though. These entries contain very extensive spoilers. Read at your own risk, enjoy!

Also, if you are interested in taking any part of the encyclopedia to use, please email me first with the part you wish to take and where you will use it (There are copyright laws to be observed). Also, the encyclopedia is somewhat "up for grabs"-if you want to use it on your site, provided it is not another Geocities page, then I invite you to email me and I will give you the full version as a submission. Reach me at :