Kraagenskul, Lord of Argazad

Appears in: The Dungeons of Torgar, Masters of Darkness

Formerly Lord of Helgedad, Kraagenskul left power in the Black City in favor of comandeering the naval base of Argazad, under sanction of Archlord Gnaag. Kraagenskul has always been a very powerful Darklord, partially because of his magical sword, Helshezag, which means "Black Sword". The name is fitting, for the blade is so dark it appears to be a tear in space, even when laid against other black surfaces.

Kraagenskul possesed a skeletal figure. In the days before his death at the hand of Lone Wolf Kraagenskul had been attacked by an insidious worm-like parasite that burrowed itself into his face. The pain from this affliction made the already fanatic Darklord even more insane and gave his eyes a terrible red cast. During this frenzy the Vassagonian rebels (who had chosen to remain in Darkland employment even after the new Zakhan Shoualli recalled all of Vassagonia's conquering armies and declared Vassagonia, formerly an ally of the Darklands, sworn enemies of Helgedad) and Darkland forces operating at Argazad were forced to construct even faster the great ironclad ship destined for invasion of Sommerlund.

Darklord Kraagenskul's symbol is that of a silver ship and a firey sword. He led a Giak army to fight the Allies at Zuttezna, and lost the battle. Though he supported, along with all other Darklords of Helgedad, Darklord Ghurch during the civil war after Haakon's death, Kraagenskul's support shifts erratically. Other Darklords find that he is a very capable ally, though, and very cunning and powerful. After Ghurch's slaying on the order of Darklord Gnaag Kraagenskul also pursued an alliance with Darklord Chlanzor of Gazad Helkona, and together they led Giak armies against the Allies.

It is not known why Darklord Kraagenskul was sent to Argazad. It may have been a promotion, or perhaps even an expulsion from the Black City. Either way, Kraagenskul's allies supported him and aided his way to power at the naval base that served as a staging point for assaults on Sommerlund and Durenor.

During the fight for the throne of the Darklands following Zagarna's demise, Kraagenskul was a formidable contender in the view of Haakon.

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