This page is mainly up for the purpose of not only continuing the Lone Wolf "network" of sites that would probably not even exist without the honorable Julian Egelstaff but also hosting my Encyclopedia. This is almost a purely "download" page- therefore for the moment it will be in the eyes of many aesthetically challenged :-). Of course, if you guys would like a friendlier interface than the traditional old HTML grey, do send me feedback.

Important note before I continue: Most of the links on this page are broken-that means the Darklord, Wytch, and Deathlord links will not work (links to other pages will). In a short while I will fix them up and they will become a "sampler" to the Encyclopedia-an HTML preview to what you are getting when you download the Encyclopedia.

The Encyclopedia can be downloaded in either text (txt.) or Microsoft Word (doc.) form. It is not zipped and will appear on the HTML based browser. Return to the previous page and click on the Download the Encyclopedia to get it.

Currently the Encyclopedia is not finished. You will notice a few blank spots here and there, but the basic idea is pretty clear (it's very extensive, and should take you more than just a few minutes to read). In the future I will add additional villains.

One last thing: I am looking for pictures of the various Darklords, Wytches, and Deathlord Ixia. Since I operate by Microsoft Mail, I am unable to receive MIME or Bin-Hex attachments, so if you have any pictures you are willing to send and do not have MS Mail please email me about them and we can work it out (I have a blank directory to upload them to, or if you have a site perhaps we can do it third person). At the very end of this page is a listing of all pictures of Darklords in the gamebooks, as well as Darklords that appear in the UK Legends. Thank you! (Of course, you will be credited in the Encyclopedia and in this page).

This site will go through many upheavals in the coming days and I will certainly appreciate all of your responses. Like everyone, I am not infallible and there are bound to be a few mistakes or errors in my writing. Please email me at if you discover one, or have general comments or questions. Happy reading!

Index of Pictures needed (in essence, all pictures of Darklords, Wytches, and Deathlord appearing in Lone Wolf books):

Darklord Zagarna (from Legends 1, Eclipse of the Kai) Darklord Vashna (from UK Legends ?) Darklord Haakon (from UK Legends 6? Claws of Helgedad?) Darklord Slutar (from Legends 6, Claws of Helgedad) Darklord Gnaag (from Book 8, Jungle of Horrors; Book 12, Masters of Darkness) Darklord Kraagenskul (from Book 12, Masters of Darkness) Darklord Taktaal (from Book 12 cover) Mother Magri (from Grey Star Book 1) Mother Niya (from Grey Star Book 2, entry 41, illustration IV) Kazim (from Grey Star Book 4) Deathlord Ixiataaga(from Book 17, Deathlord of Ixia)