Autarch Sejanoz

Sejanoz is the immortal ruler of the hostile Southern Magnamund land of Bhanar. This evil being has ruled Bhanar for three thousand years-a gift from Agarash the Damned in exchange for his soul. The vampire-lord is a constant threat to the security of those around his realm, in particular the hospitable land of Chai, and his iron grip from the imperial court at Otavai is feared. Sejanoz is one of the most volatile servants of darkness and his presence is probably the best chance Naar has at rebirthing the power of Agarash in South Magnamund.

The autarch has placed markers along the Doomlands, which are located south-east of the Bhanarian city of Bakhasa (thanks to Markus Tan Sien Hwong for the correction). Excavations at Naaros, led by his Imperial Guard, led to the discovery of the Claw of Naar-an ancient wand of power. However, the New Order master traveled through Sunderer Pass, Yua Tzhan, and southern Bhanar to hide the Claw at Zuda. Sejanoz has since been denied possession of the evil relic and the Claw has been destroyed by the Elder Magi.

Sejanoz possesses a fearsome figure. He travels by a golden sky-chariot, and is sheathed from neck to toe in black and gold armor. This warrior’s face is concealed by a great tiger helm and behind him swirls a voluminous scarlet cloak. His hands, wrinkled and cracked with claws are surmounted by four long, curved, needle-like claws of steel that sprout from the back of golden bracers, which encase his wrists. These claws can actually drain blood from jugular veins without spilling a single drop.

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